[APP][Pro] Solar Panels

Hi, anyone get connection with Tigo system?
Can’t connect i get an error message :neutral_face:

How do I get the System ID and API key for my SolarEdge panels? I have a SolarEdge 6K inverter which was connected to my wifi by the installer, they invited me to the SolarEdge app. I can see some codes on the right side of the inverter but it doesn’t seem to show a system ID / API Key (it shows the wifi pass, activation code, wifi mac, zigbee mac, PN and SN).

Can’t find it in the app either. Anyone have any idea?

**UPDATE: ** I just found out I can use my app login on https://monitoring.solaredge.com and then go to Admin, Site Access and then generate an API key there. Awesome!

Is Solis still supported?
If not i’m really stuk with no option on using my PV and home battery data in homey :sleepy:

It was one of the keystones for my home automation to get the new ‘capacity tax’ (capaciteitstarief) that has begun 1/1/2023 in Belgium (flanders) as low as possible.

So if Solis inverters wouldn’t be supported anymore, would you consider please to get it back?

If a donation is needed i’m willing to contributie.


+1 on this request.

if you got the latest update from solaredge they allow modbus over wifi again so you can use my solaredge app again and get more data plus every 30 seconds updates.

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@Diederik My zonnepanelen app keeps pausing
I made a diagnostic report: 105427a5-662f-42a6-8de3-128c108d4105
I hope there is a solution soon. If you need me to test something (in CLI if necessary) let me know.

Is there anything I can do to help get the Omnik driver back in the app?

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Hi @Diederik,

I’ve written a PR that adds the omnik-local back into the app. I’ve based this on the old omnik-local implementation and refactored it to TypeScript, upgraded it to the SDKv3 and added some pairing improvements.

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@Diederik i’m really really in need of reading dat out of a Solis hybrid inverter. There is an API available and documentation:

Would it be possible to add these hybrid solis enverters to your app please?

Is it a possibility to ad the zonneplan intergration? I really hope so. Home Assistant has a nice app for it!

Also available for testing!

I have an omnik converter can I add them with this app

That’s great I have also an Omnik and want to add it again

@Diederik Does this mean I will be able to keep using the (new) app for my SolarEdge once I have set up the latest HomeyPro (2023 version) that just came in?
That would be good news :wink:

Er is al een test versie 2023 compatibel.


Confrimation: HP2023 added Enphase Envoy and working 100%



Is it possibel to get Solis app?

Have you removed alpha ess support?

I saw the app page. I find it quite disrespectful to leave 1 star reviews for this app because it does not support a particular brand. Shame.


@lucasvdh can you help to make this possible to at onmin to this app ?

@Diederik Cab you take a look to get omnik back in this app?

Was very happy with it

Is there a way to bring back support for KOSTAL Inverters? They seem to be supported in version 4.7 but not in the newer versions.

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