[APP][Pro] Solar Panels

It is being worked on from what I understand from Github…

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Good days everyone.

I finally had solar panels installed with an Enphase management (IQ7 and Enphase Metered Gateway).

I now want to recover datas to use in Homey (I have a Homey Pro purchased in 2020).

I tried to install the Solar Panels application ( Solar Panels Appli pour Homey | Homey) by @Diederik but if I use the Enphase enlighten module I am asked for a user id and a KEY API and I can’t find the key api. The dev website have signup desactivated (maybe coz of API V4 coming in january) and i don’t know if Diederick will support it.

If i use the Enphase Envoy module, i have an error message (signed certificat error)

Could any Enphase user help me? :slight_smile:

There is an API key in the Android Enphase app.
Open the Enphase app, Menu, Account, My accescontrol, and all the way down.
There is an API. I hope it is the one u need.

Thanks but it seems to be the USER ID and not the API ID :frowning:

I was finally able to add pair my Solis inverter with Homey. But… I’m not sure what it registers, but it’s not my solar yield. It usually starts around 5 AM, and displays a value you would expect if you had maybe 5 or 10 times the panels I have. During the day it sometimes displays values that could be correct, but then again in the evening it keeps counting when the sun is long gone. At night it goes to 0 though, so it seems to me it’s counting something. I just with I knew what.

Does anyone else have this problem, or does anyone know what to do about it? What’s odd to me is that the numbers aren’t just too high, but that it keeps counting solar energy when there’s not even sun.

How did you connect the Solis to the Solar Panels app? Is it through the Solis Cloud or some other cloud?

I have also Solis inverter and I have also some “ghost” production reported to Solis Cloud. As far as I know the inverter measures only the current and voltage and calculates the power from that and it always assumes the current flow direction is that way that the equipment is producing.

When there is some light but not enought to produce, the inverter wakes up and consumes some energy, this is shown in my case about 20W. The inverter shows this as production but it is actually consumption.

But if there is some major production differents then this might not be your case.