[APP][Pro] Solar Panels

interested in that too… no luck for me either…

Does anyone have any suggestions for the Enphase Enlighten now that the end of life for Enphase API v2 is approaching (Oct 31, 2022) and we’ll have to move to API v4? ( https://developer-v4.enphase.com/ )

It was working fine with v2, but I can’t get it to work with v4. I have an API key, a user Id and I have authorized things i.e. the new API is showing in my Enlighten dashboard - just like is working fine for v2 - but no go on v4. Thanks in advance!



Me too, installing works fine but it keeps on disconnecting after a few minutes. If i restart the app it works for a few minutes and then it disconnects again with the message: Error retrieving data (Error: Could not login to Growatt server). It works fine for a long time with my old dataloggers (Shine lan S). Now i have a new Growatt inverter with a Shine lan X.

I think there is something with the growattservers if I recall. I can’t connectvia HomeAssistant either so its not the Homey app

Yeah, I think the Growatt servers are a bit overloaded sometimes. My growatt solarpanels are often disconnected as well the last weeks. Restarting the app will connect them again, but patience works as well.

I summarize my solarpanels revenue using power by the hour, and I can see at the end of the day, I always get the same as in the growatt shine phone app. So, it will connect again now and then.

Maybe @Diederik can see if he can do more connect attempts to the growatt server, or try more often (every 5 or 10min) when disconnected?

Thus far Enphase API v2 is still working, unknown for how much longer - it would be nice to get some insights on the use of the v4 API. Is the app developer aware?

See Enlighten API

But check the plan, the free plans is ratelimited on ammount of API Calls ( * 10 hits per minute

  • 1,000 hits per month), others plans you need to pay a lot of money…

I’ve checked that, but can you point me in the right direction how that links to getting it working on Homey using the Solar Panels app?

The free plan is sufficient (for me)

Thats not so simple as sending a http request, you need first authenticatie with you enpase credentials (by Oauth2 Oauth 2.0 Explained in Simple Words, Basic Understanding ) before you can make a request.

So if a developer create an app for the enphase V4 API ( it is possible , it’s just like mine Daikin ONECTA app) then alll users can do 10 calls a minute and 1000 calls a month.

A simple calculation is : if we do every 10 sec a call(you want your solarpanel metering near realtime).
thats 6 calls a minute , thats 360 calls per hour (6x60).
With a limit of 1000 calls per monits , your readings will stop after 3,5 - 4 hours for the rest of the month.

Basicly this is free plan useless, and to make an app special for you seems like a bit of overkill.

Extra note : with 1000 call a month you can basicly do a call every 1 hour (24h x 31 days = 744 calls)
Also its not very clear in the API documentation if this amount of calls is per user or per ipadress

An app specially for me? Where does that assumption come from? I only asked a question about a change in an already existing app…

Thanks anyway, leaving it at this.

Ps don’t need calls when the sun is down :wink:

Hello, I’m getting an error when trying to add my Huawei inverter:
Error : connect ECONNREFUSED xxx.xxx.x.x:502

inverter is SUN2000-5KTL-M1 (FW V100R001C00SPC146), connected through wifi. Model of the dongle is SDongleA-05 (FW V100R001C00SPC125).

Any help would be appreciated, thank you in advance!

Hi All, trying to add Enphase Envoy S to homey, but I always get the same result…

Does someone know what I might be forgetting ?


Is it possible to enter http without the s?
Then you don’t need a certificate.

The only thing I can fill in are my Enphase account credentials….
If I copy/paste the url in a browser, I get redirected to a page where I have to fill in a token.
There is also a link there to create the token.
After entering the token I am logged into my Enphase account. So it seems I need to enter this token somewhere inside the homey-app, but no clue where to do this…

Since a day of four I have no longer connection with mij Growatt converter. App restart and homey reboot doesn’t fix the problem. Also the option try to repair isn’t working.

Are there more people with this problem?

Growatt is on and off the last few months, also in home assistant. The problem is not in the Solar Panels app, but restarting the app sometimes restores the connection.

It is off and on with Growatt. I think their servers are a bit overloaded or something. Restarting the app does fix it sometimes, but mostly just waiting, it will reconnect ones in a while by itself. See your insights, all data is coming in.

Still a bit annoying, real time data from your solar panels is not really usable like this

Same here, no Growatt data for more than a week or two now.

Same here. Can’t log in with the right login and password.