[APP][Pro] Solar Panels

I have added some fields to the PVOutput implementation. You can now set an extended field for battery state of charge in the device settings as well.

Many thanks to you, this is a very usefull solution for solar panels with batteries. This means it is possible to automate the use of the batteries and use less energy from energy provider. And be more independent from the grid. Super!!!

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@Pieke That’s exactly why I make this app :wink: Good luck!

@Diederik After re-adding my Solar Polar Panels to Homey it now looks fine, thanks!
Without re-adding the it still showed the same error…

Is it possible to add a slider so it won’t count for total energy use. The example screendump is from the homewizard P1 app. Now the sonar panels energy is added tot the total use in the energy tab. I use pvoutput for sonar panels.


@Diederik I’ve seen a huge number of updates coming by last couple of weeks, so I assume you are rebuilding your app in SDKv3 vendor by vendor which is great! But do you have any thoughts on when you will be able to look at the solarman config? Not to sound pushy or anything, but just to have a rough timeline. Did the API documentation I provided on github help at all? Is this what you need and could use to rework the solarman implementation? Just curious.

For all those with issues regarding the new solarmanpv API please check: Collect Inverter data from Solarman API - #7 by advanbokhoven - Share your Projects! - Home Assistant Community

I’ve got the docker image running and am able to see all information inside my MQTT. Still working on getting into Homey aswell, but I’m making progress…

Just now a new version got released. Don’t know what’s inside it but the project isn’t abandoned yet… Thanks a lot @Diederik

I hava a huawei system now and like to add this to Homey but i cant figure it out how to connect. Is there a step by step to this?
Current Setup:
and battery : LUNA2000

Hello Peter,
Yes i did this but it did not work with the info i found there. But with the app in testing fase i get to fill in API key’s?

My bad! That isn’t mentioned unfortunately.

Do you have an Huawei account and website which go with your converter?
You should be able to find the API key in there.
The installer company also should be able to provide you with your API key.

Huawei don’t seem to be supported with the current test version.
Better install the live version Solar Panels App for Homey | Homey

Hello Peter,

i have the fusionsolar login and i can find the system ID but no API settings.
the solar panels app is not letting me connect to the IP adres. Not sure it the SUN2000-4.6KTL-L1 is suported?

Sun2000 should be supported

At Diederiks’ Github (see opening post) I found a way to retreive an openAPI key.

There’s also lots of info in the Github thread

Is your inverter wifi connected? If connected using ethernet it doesn’t work.

Yes Wifi connected, i get the error : Eroor Connect EHOSTUNREACH 192...:*
Do i need to open the gate on the SUN200 somewhere?

Can you reach it with the phone app via it’s local IP?

Hey, this is a known issue and the integration is not working for many Huawei inverters. Only specific models, using specific connection types (WiFi or ethernet) seem to work. You could try upgrading the firmware of your Smart Dongle to the latest version, and switching between WiFi and ethernet could also be the solution. If both do not work, you will have to wait until Huawei releases working firmware.

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Hi there!!

Any chance to get the RIELLO inverters added to your App?
I have a Riello PV RS 3.0 with double channel WiFi connection. I can log and monitor locally the inverter with the cell. App “RS Connect” and monitor remotely the inverter production and datas through the web portal “RS Monitoring”.
It would be great to have the Solar production integrated with Homey!!

Hi @Diederik ,
I’m looking for FVE solution and would like to choose components supported by Homey - currently SOLAX seems to be supported but it has been removed from TEST version of your app - does it mean that Solax support has been removed completely or it’s assumed that support is ensured via eg. PVOutput only ?
Thank you.

Solax should be working, but I need to port it to the new version still. I cannot yet guarantee you if it will make the cut.

When looking at inverters and future proofing your setup for smart home integration, I would not choose Solax (and many other brands) because integration relies on a cloud platform provided by them. Consider buying an inverter from SMA or Fronius, or SolarEdge/Enphase if you want panel-level optimizers. Those inverters will last a long time and can be read out locally - all of them are supported by Homey.

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