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Yes please! I Have a sun2000 inverter with the luna battery!

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Hi Diederik, seems like I’m not able to pair Omnik with first three digits of WiFi S/N 642…

Depends on what inverter you have and whether that data is made available through the inverter.

Yeah, that one is too new for this method. Unfortunately, there is no documented method to get data out of these inverters, we’d have to resort to scraping their web portal (which I really don’t fancy).

This is being looked into.

@Diederik if you want information/acces to a huawei sun 2000 converter with a 5kwh luna 2000 battery just send me a pm and i will give you premission. Thanks :+1:t2:

@Diederik made a beta available that seems to be working fine here. :slight_smile:

Not sure about the battery functionality though.

For your information:

As Omnik has gone bankrupt and is not able to provide service in the future, we are sorry to inform you that this platform will be closed at the end of April.

With the purpose of providing continuous service for you, all data at Omnik platform will be migrated to SOLARMAN platform from 9 a.m. on 19th April, 2021 (UTC+8). Please notice that any operation on Omnik platform from that time will not be synchronized to SOLARMAN platform.

The overall migration process will take about 72 hours. In order to ensure the data integrity and accuracy, please DO NOT modify any data on Omnik platform during this period. If you need to register new accounts during the migration, please log in to SOLARMAN platform (For end-users, please log in https://home.solarmanpv.com; for installers and distributors, please log in https://pro.solarmanpv.com).

After the migration is completed, you will be informed at the very first time. Notice: Services including Open API, APP and data forwarding at Omnik platform will not be available after migration.

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Thanks for the update @JCB. The existing Omnik integration will be deprecated. Could you try using the Solarman integration after the migration has been done?

The Omnik data haven been migrated to Solarman. I can logon on the site https://home.solarmanpv.com.
Connecting Solarman to Homey gives an error.


I think the PlantID is correct. Found it at last on this site:

I see that there is also a site https://www.solarmanpv.com/portal/LoginPage.aspx. I can’t logon to that site using my Omnik credentials. I also can’t find anything about an API.

Someone else with more luck so far?


I tried connecting my Huawei system sun2000 & Luna 10kwh battery, today but got port not open message, anyone know how to address this?

Same here. The exact model I’ll have is: SUN2000-12KTL-M2. Is this the same as the “Huawei SUN2000L inverters” mentioned in the app support?

No, the SUN2000L is a different range (and is supported). There is no support for the SUN2000 range yet.

@Diederik, thanks for the quick reply. Any plans on supporting SUN2000 in the future?

If someone has any documentation on a (local) API for interfacing with those inverters, I’m open to implement it.

Maybe it’s possible to use this: GitHub - Emilv2/huawei_solar: Home Assistant custom component for Huawei inverters

More docs here: SUN2000MA V100R001C00SPC122 Release Documents.zip - Google Drive

The implementation that is currently in the app is mostly based on the code base in the first link you mention.

Maybe you could get it working by connecting your inverter over Ethernet? You could attempt a port scan afterwards to see if the ModBUS port (502) is open.

@Diederik, you mean that instead of connecting it through wifi connect it through wired ethernet?

Yes, you could try that.

Ok, can’'t do it right now though because of lenght issues :frowning:

I updated my Huawei wi-fi dongle and now I just get a timed out message. Ip is locked.

Are there any plans to connect to zonneplan?

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