[App][Pro] SmartThings Community (was the HCS version 2)

Update: got login working, was on very old node.js i belive. Updated it.

Update2: And i got ST2 updated to v 2.0.17

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I was able to install app Smartthings 2 via the CLI method. A big thanks to the detailed instructions that Bud_M has published on his blog, as well as what Adrian_Rockall has provided within this post. I have added several devices to my Homey Pro through this app. I have encountered only one issue during this process and that is trying to control a Smartwings blind (Z-wave) from within the Homey Pro. I keep getting the following error message when I try to control it:

Otherwise, everything else is functioning the same within Homey as it was in Smartthings.

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Could you open the Log tab in the app settings page, then try to control the blind and then copy the contents of the log panel and save it as a text file. Finally email the file to me. Unfortunately the send log doesn’t work when the app is installed via the CLI.

Log sent. Let me know if you need more. Thx.

So Sandro there is no way to detect the press of the button on the smarttag2?

To be able to detect the button press you need to assign an action to it in the SmartThings app.

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It is. But thats the only thing you can do. And if you want to do so, you have to create a routine in smartthings app, which needs to be linked to some action. It cannot be just button press itself. You have to associate it with something that happens. Turn on light, send a push notification etc… This is a problem of Samsung though, not the Adrians app. Samsung have this accesssory extremely poorly integrated.

Hi @sandro711, thank you for your answer. I already tried to set a push notifications after the click but nothing happened. This is why I posted the question… Idk if there is something else I have to do

Here is the instructions for installing the SmartThings 2 app via the CLI method, for anyone the may be seeking guidance on how to accomplish a Homey Pro connection with smart devices that reside on a SmartThings/Aeotec hub.

Just wanted to say that thanks to @Bud_M 's amazing and totally straightforward installation instructions, I have finally managed to install the Smartthings 2 app. And I have to say that it should really be the only Smartthings app, and available from the App Store. The Athom one is completely pointless and allowed me to add only two out of my 9 Smartthings devices. Even my Samsung Heat Pump shows up and allows for basic controls. Well done @Adrian_Rockall !


I’m thrilled to hear that my installation instructions were helpful in getting the Smartthings 2 app up and running smoothly for you. It’s fantastic that you found them straightforward and effective.

Kudos to Adrian Rockall for developing such a practical and functional solution. It’s developers like Adrian who make the Homey Pro experience truly exceptional.

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Hi @Adrian_Rockall,

I own several SmartThings-enabled Samsung household devices such as washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens and others. I use your SmartThings2 app, which offers much more functionality than the official app. Unfortunately, I can’t find an for me important IF-trigger in your app for the devices listed above: “Job Status has changed”. For the oven, there is also no option to react to switching on and off. If the washer/dryer/dishwasher/oven has finished the program, the variable contains the word “finish”, but the device remains on. For this reason, you cannot see at the moment that the program has finished. The official app has the only IF-trigger at the moment and that is “A job has finished”, which allows to react to the end of the program. And that’s the only reason I have both apps in my Homey for SmartThings.

Would it be possible to add either an IF-trigger “A job has finished” or “Job Status has changed” (although I think the second one is more flexible)?

Could you send me the Detected log from the app settings page. You will need to tap on Get Log, then copy the contents of the list and email it to me (ady@rockalls.uk). Also, enable the Log and switch one of the devices on / off, then get that Log and email it to me. Note, the Send Log button doesn’t work, so you will need to copy the lists and attach them to an email in text files.

I have sent it. Check your mail.

For the washer, dryer and dishwasher there should be a Job Status has changed trigger card:

I will look into adding the oven capabilities when I get some time.

Yes, the washer and dryer have a trigger card for device status. (Unfortunately it is missing on the dishwasher so that the Washing Mode on the dishwasher can be set but not started/stopped).

However, it seems that Device Status and Job Status are not the same thing. When a program is started on the washer, Device Status is set to “Run”. The Job Status takes different values during the program run (“wash”, “rinse”, “spin” and at the end of the program “finish”). If Job Status takes the value “finish”, Device Status still remains “Run”. See the attached pictures:

For this reason, there is currently no direct way to react to the end of the program. A trigger card “Job Status has changed” would be necessary in order to be able to react to various status changes.

Alternatively, a trigger card “Job has finished” would be sufficient (as in the official app) but less flexible:

That’s strange as my washing machine changes to Run when it is started and at the end of the wash it changes back to Stop, and that’s what I use in the Flow.
At what point does your status change back to Stop?

I haven’t found that out yet. At the end of the program, the device display says something like “Program is finished” and it stays that way. Maybe I have to wait a long time (possibly hours) until the device switches off or something. The washer and dryer communicate with each other and the washer also sets the recommended program on the dryer. Maybe the washer would just go back to stop manually. Depending on the program, the dryer can also run in crease protection mode for several hours after the program has finished.

I can’t help wondering if we are on crossed lines. The Washer status I’m talking about is the one with the selector:

The dishwasher doesn’t have that capability, but it does have a Switch, so does the On / Off state change when it finishes?

The problem with the Washer Job Status is it seems each model has a different list of options, hence I just display the text that is returned from the API. I could add a simple, Job Status changed and pass a tag that can be checked with a logic card.

Yes, I also mean this “Washer Status” and call it “Device Status”. On my washer, the “Washer Status” remains on “Run” when “Washer Job Status” is changed to “finish”.

That’s exactly what I meant. The tag “Washer Job Status” is already there. Only the trigger “Job Status has changed” is missing.