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This app is really nice.

But my old Mitsubishi Kirigamine inverters beeps every time a command is sent/received, and that is kind of annoying.

I really miss a a flowcard to check current temperature setting if there is really a need to set the temperature again. (would save a beep every hour :wink: )

WHEN"price changes" to normal, AND temperature is/is not set to XX, THEN set temperature to XX.


Best regards and thanks for a good app.

Sorry for my late response…

From reading the documentation here Set Climate React configuration, I would guess one can leave out the Low and High TemperaturState-values.

So some examples would be:

For daytime:
“enabled”: true,
“lowTemperatureThreshold”: 21.5,
“highTemperatureThreshold”: 23

For nighttime:
“enabled”: true,
“lowTemperatureThreshold”: 18,
“highTemperatureThreshold”: 20

Would this be possible to implement?

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Hi @balmli

I try to connect the AirQ with the API key, but the list is saying no devices found.
Please help!

Thanks in advance.

BR. Fred

Hi @Fred_Woeltjes

Hopefully I will get hold of Sensibo devices and an API myself, so I will be able to test… And then AirQ should also be supported

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I’m in the same boat. Compete cloud fan. Just received my bridge but missing sensibo…
Still no plans?
I’ll have to return the bridge if so…



Is the homey in contact directly to the sensibo? Or does it send its control signal vua the internet ?
To rephrase, is the api ob the device or is it a cloud service on the internet.
The question i am interested in is of course if the steering can work when internet is down?

There are multiple people, myself included, who are having issues adding the Air devices… Is there a way to add them or is it time to look for other devices. The Sensibo Air devices are quite useless if I can’t integrate them with Homey.

Add Device > Fill in API > Device not found. Tried 100 times now. Whenever I google on Sensibo Air homey support the page takes me to this Homey App

Does this mean that the Sensibo device should work as a thermostat? I’m trying to use VThermo to control my Sensibo Sky, but it only seems to be able to use the measured temperature from Sensibo, not set the target temperature on the Sensibo.

Edit: Nope, never mind, works fine. I forgot to account for the actual temperature when expecting the target temperature to change.

Yep, it’s a cloud service.