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Thx, gonna give a try

have an other request.

Is it possible to add the following IF cards: (if possible)

IF light is turned ON & IF light is turned OFF


Here is a link to test-version 1.11.0 with ‘Is light turned on/off’ - condition.

Please install and test :slight_smile:


First thx for the very quick reply and update!

I received the update this morning (i already used the test version), the new light cards itself works but this is sadly not what is meant but I can use these cards also for other purposes.

I was looking/asking for a trigger (IF) card when the light is actually switched on or of, there is in this test version no IF card for the light turned on/off only an (AND) card.

Now you have to use the AC state changed card to start the flow and use an AND card to check if light is ON or OFF, but this is not the same as it was an (IF) card.

This state card is also triggered by other AC event, such as turned on/off, mode, temp change etc
Currently it is not possible to start a flow ONLY when the light is actually turned ON or OFF.

Now when AC changed you have no idea it the light state is actually changed or not, so the flow will always run on a AC state change, what i was looking for was a way to start a flow only when the light was turned ON or OFF. Now i only can check if the light is on or off, not when state the light state changed.

So is it possible to add the card also to the IF statement?
IF light turned on THEN do something (ignoring all other AC states)
IF light turned off THEN do something (ignoring all other AC states)


I am playing around the last few days with my airco flows and using the Sensibo app to do this, think i found a bug…

I noticed when i turn ON the airco the IF card ‘device turned on’ is always 2 times triggered…
The IF ‘device is turned off’ card is always only triggered once (1)…

So when i go into homey devices, turn ON a random Sensibo airco (i have 2) the IF ‘device turned on’ card runs twice, easy to check by adding a log card when triggered, the log is written twice.

This also happens BTW when the airco is turned ON using the Sensibo app itself, then also the IF ‘device is turned on’ runs twice.

So not sure if this a bug in the homey app or in the API of Sensibo itself, maybe this can be looked at.


I try to connect the AirQ with the API key, but the list is saying no devices found.
I know there is support for the Sky, Air, Pure and Sensors, but does the Air includes the AirQ?
Or is this model missing?

Thanks in advance,



I have the exact same problem.

Perhaps it’s because of the ‘location’ structure in the app/API?

I renamed the standard location to the name of my home.

Perhaps API only looks in the ‘standard’ name in the API string?

Something like /api/location/devices?

I,ve the same problem, connect via AP key, but cannot see any products, i’ve also the AirQ, Sensibo have change the name to Air Pro.

I am a new user that has just bought a Homey bridge. Was devistated when I realised that it was not compatible with Sensibo or Mill app. Are there any plans to add support? Is there another way to use the Bridge flows to control the Sensibo Sky?

No, there are no plans to support Sensibo for Bridge.

If you position your Sensibo sky close to the airco, then when you point your remote control and operate it, both your airco and Sensibo catch the signal and remain in sync.

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Weird, i don’t see this happening. Are you also using a card if state changes?

Hi @balmli

First, thanks for a great app!
I have a few suggestions/request to the ‘Device: Sensibo Room Sensor’ for extending the app for an even better experiens.

Using the Sensibo API I can read the values for of the ‘motionSensors’ for ‘motion’ and for ‘batteryVoltage’.

“motionSensors”: [{
“measurements”: {
“time”: {
“time”: “2022-09-12T08:13:04.877937Z”,
“secondsAgo”: 76
“rssi”: -93,
“temperature”: 22.4,
“humidity”: 64.0,
“motion”: false,
“batteryVoltage”: 2490

  1. Can you add support for Monitoring your batteries in Homey Energy – Homey Support for the ‘Device: Sensibo Room Sensor’?
    The batteries are 2 x AAA, aka 2 x 1,5V.
    So my “batteryVoltage”: 2490 must be 2490/3000=83%.


And also the following flows (taken from battery powered devices from Aeotec):


  • Battery is greater than %.
  • Battery is less than %.
  • Batterylevel change.
  1. Can you also add support for the Capability ‘Motion’ for the ‘Device: Sensibo Room Sensor’?

And also the following flows (taken from a motion device from Aeotec):


  • Motionalarm activated.
  • Motionalarm inactivated.


  • Motionalarm is on.
  1. Can you also add two different settings for calibrating ‘temperature’ and ‘humidity’ for the ‘Device: Sensibo Room Sensor’?
    In the Sensibo app its only possible to calibrate those values for the device '‘Device: Sensibo Air’, not for the ‘Device: Sensibo Room Sensor’.
    I would like to be ableto callibrate them with bort plus and minus with one decimal.

Thanks in advance!


I would love to get support for the API call for configuring the Climate React.

  • Set Climate React configuration => POST /pods/{device_id}/smartmode

That way one could set different temperatures for when someone is home, daytime, nighttime, etc…

Would that be possible to get implemented?

Thanks in advance!


What are you missing with the current Climate React support in the app ?

I would like to set threshold temperatures for the climate react. The API states that one could set this in the request body:
“enabled”: false,
“lowTemperatureThreshold”: 0,
“lowTemperatureState”: {},
“highTemperatureThreshold”: 0,
“highTemperatureState”: {}

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Do you have any examples for such a request body ?

Great request.

Setting climate react triggers would be amazing: temperature, humidity, feels like.

Another request is related to using my Sensibo Sky’s with external vthermo’s. Vthermo’s are great to average the temperature sensors in the room. I would like to be able to use the current average temperature and set that in the Sky as the real temperature if there is such trigger.


Would it be possible to have a Trigger for Motion Detected by the Sensibo Room Sensor?
Or do they not have it in their API yet?
BR Magnus

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Really like this app. Works always really great and I can do almost anything I want with my airco.

The only thing I’m missing is the fan only mode. I’m now doing it manual in the sensibo app or let home assistant take care of it when I don’t want to use the airco.
Is there a way to implement this in the app?