[APP][PRO] Sensibo


I tested the new version but get errors for the action cards horizontal swing and light. And am not allowed to turn off the device through a flow. Get a bad request. reinstalled regular version, everything back to normal.

Can I send you information? I have a diagnostic report.


I don’t have all the options in the flow card “Fan level”

The list of fan levels in the flow action card are retrieved from the Sensibo API, and should be the ones that are supported by your AC.

But I do see them in the device section

Yes. In the Homey app you see all.

Oke thanks for the explanation

@Ron_Meijsen has tested AC light and horizontal swing and confirmed that it works in v. 1.9.3

@B3rt @Mikl Can you test, e.g. power state ?

i have no card to start a sync of powerstate etc

Have you installed v. 1.9.3, the test version ?

Link here: Sensibo | Homey

no live version.

Can i update safely to test version without braking the all current flows and devices?

And you can reinstall the current live version afterwards if you want.

ok, will update to test version later tonight

We really need this app on homey cloud!

@B3rt Any test-results ?

This happend when i tried it

OK, thanks.

I think I’ve fixed it in v. 1.9.4. Can you update to v. 1.9.4, and test again, please ?

yes it works!

New version, v. 1.10.0 with support for Sensibo Pure and Sensibo Room Sensor.

Won’t be released until you have tested :slight_smile:

V. 1.10.1 with a few fixes:

  • Added Control Pure Boost action for Sensibo Pure
  • Options for lights (on, off, dim) are now fetched from remote capabilities

Great app. Will it be made available for Homey Bridge as well?