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I just connected my Q90R without any problems. Thank you so much for this app. A question, is it possible to activate “ambient mode”? I could not find this button in the list. If not, would it be possible to implement it?


i set up the samsung also in homekit, but how can i choose that it’s a TV with the correct TV icon? in homekit i only can chouse chosse, light or switch. is this a “homeykit” problem?

best regards philipp

yup, homekit problem. It doens’t get recognized like a TV. Don’t even know if Homekit supports tv’s.

This app works on my TV. I own the Samsung Q9FN65”.

Just for fun I added a “TV ON” counter and let it write a line in Simple Log for monitoring. There I found that the app alters my on/off state every 25 minutes for about 20 seconds. Even the device button in the “Apparaten” view briefly changes. The TV does not actually turn on/off. I guess the TV somehow runs some activity in the background that trips the status in this app. Is this a known issue?

Yes, it’s the network interface on the TV that is actually on…

Blame Samsung :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your quick reply. Oké, so basically, when it comes down to the TV ON/OFF state, instead of showing me if the TV is actually switched ON, this app shows me when the network interface is active? In this day and age one would expect there would be an other way to check if the screen is actually ON. But I’m a n00b when it come’s to programming. Making flows on the Homey is as close as I will (probably) ever get to programming :zipper_mouth_face:

I fully trust and respect your skills on this, so… let’s blame Samsung :rofl:

Guess I have to set up a new washingmachine notification flow for the TV, based on actual power consumption to get the counter up and running properly and keep the log from cluttering.

Thanks for creating Samsung Smart TV App.

I have removed and added the TV to the app again.
The IP-address needed to be set manually and now got the following error:

Invalid WebSocket Frame: Invalid status code 1005.

Anybody knows how to establish a stable connection with the Q60-series? :pleading_face: (See my previous post).

Thanks :grin::+1:t2:


Have you checked the “Secure connection” setting in Advanced settings. Should probably be set true.

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Hi balmli,

I like your app very much, nice done!
Is it possible to start a youtube video on a certain time?
Pasting ?t=00m00s after the youtube ID is not working at the moment.

Hi Balmli,

The secure setting keeps automatically turning off. Despite saving the advanced setting in the app. Have you seen this before?

No, I don’t think that works…

But you can use a 11 character Youtube video ID, like rmDKpR8Smno

Ok, thanks for reporting.

What TV - model do you have ? And can you send me the response from http://TV-IP-ADDRESS:8001/api/v2/ for your TV ?

Thx for your reply, but a 11 character is already working nicely! Like to start the video at the beginning. Now it is starting where is was the last time it stopt.

Is there an other way to do this in the API maybe?

It would be great if you can at that feature to your app if that is possible.


has anyone the problem that the TV is tuning on again after you switch it off?

Every time I turn off the tv and turn it back on and I try to control it with homey it asks me to allow homey to have this permission. I keep having to press accept a million times and that sort of defeats the purpose of controlling this thing remotely.
Anyone having similar issues?

TV is Q90R 65"

Yeah you need to change the settings in your TV menu.
Go to settings- general(wrench icon) management external devices- bottom option manage device connections- and the the top option change it from always on to only the first time. Then you only need to grant access the first time. Your menu might be different because mine is in Dutch. Did my best to translate it for you😁

It was already set to “off” but I set it now to “first time” lets see if that makes any difference. Thanks!

Hi, I want to buy a new tv. I read all the threads of all tv apps and i believe the samsung app sounds promissing. I think about buying a QE55Q6. I saw this type once in this thread and it did not work well.

Q: does the app support all new samsung tv type and the Q6 aswell?

Thans Menne


I need to update TV ip address, but it seems this is not possible anymore?


Yes, wait for v. 1.6.2 of the app that has Ambient mode (KEY_AMBIENT).

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