[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

Sorry if this question was already addressed, was not able to find it :slight_smile: can you make this app available to Homey Bridge? Just started with homey and due to Homey Pro out of stock I brought the bridge one. I have added in my home some smart meters from Qubino (3 phase and one phase) as they can handle more amps (like entire yard, etc), and I’m was struggling for days seeing what’s the total cost per month per area :slight_smile: . Now seen that there is this awesome app that I can use it with homey bridge :frowning:

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Unlikely. Athom has stated that they will not allow tooling apps, and I assume that includes PBTH. Secondly, even if it were allowed, I would need to buy a 99 euro per year subscription to be able to publish the app for Homey (bridge).

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That sucks, I’ll try to find a used homey pro somewhere to switch off from the bridge one.

Thank you for clarifying!

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Apologies for OT comment but doing this in favor of Bridge users (I’m not) - Hm, didn’t they say it’s rather intended for companies and commercial developers, rather then community one ? Look - Homey Verified Developer | Homey Store -

This subscription is only meant for companies and brands to publish their official integration on Homey Cloud.

So rather the ‘tooling’ question is relevant yet Power By The Hours might be not really considered as tooling :wink:


I’m using a Tuya smart plug which has a power meter built in.
I can add a power summarizer on this plug but the summarizer doesn’t seem to reset the KwH per day and EUR per day value. It seems to accumulate this from previous days before.
Do I need to reset it via a FLOW or something? I would expect this be reset every day at 00.00 automatically? Also I get power reading on a plug with a device switched off regularly.

Meter has a daily reset is set to OFF. It uses watt as source (no kWh capibility).
I think that is maybe due to if the device is turned on the next day or not. If it is not turned on the day after it will continue to measure false power cummilitve to the previous day. Could that be possible and if so how to fix this?

First of all, thank you for a great app. In Denmark will 4 different fixed markups (00:00-06:00, 06:00-17:00, 17:00-21:00 and 21:00-24:00) for the power price be implemented by the start of next year. In the app is it today posible to add extra markups only for night and day time, but the start and end times are fixed. Would it be possible to change the app to have 4 extra markups, where the start and end time could be entered for each one? I have created a flow that changes the markup at the specified times so that the prices gets calculated correct, but the problem is that price+2H, price+3H not are updated before the specified time is reached.

mmh… I have to think about that. This makes it pretty complex, both from a development standpoint and from a user standpoint.

Why do you want to be able to set the times yourself? And what about weekends?

It could also work with predefined times, but I think it would be more flexible if the times for fixed tarifes could be changed in the app. Today there are 2 tariffes in Denmark and they also don’t follow the day/night. They run from 17:00-20:00 and 20:00 to 17:00. As I mentioned, there will be 4 different tariffes in Denmark from the 1. of January 2023. The tariffes in the weekend are always the same as in the weekdays.

@Gruijter is there any chance to add the possibility to use a free % under things like price is x% bellow to days average? You now have a predefined list like 10, 20, 30%…

I need 5% :wink:

Thanks for the great app.

One question:
The gas prices are very different the the prices i find here: Actuele energieprijzen – Dynamische Energieprijzen Why is that?


Hi Twan Thx :slight_smile:
Can you share screenshots showing what is different when comparing the tarrif with PBTH? And what have entered in your PBTH gas device settings?

Note: you do know about the tax (9% BTW in NL at the moment)? And that your energy company adds a lot of other markups on your bill?

It is still on my todo list. Just need time and motivation to do it.

Thx Jan Kleppe and Anders from Andulfgames for your kind donations! Much appreciated :kissing_heart: :beers:

maybe its easier to just add like “5%” to the list? Ill happily pay some for a 5%

There seems to be an inconsistency in https://www.dynamische-energieprijzen.nl/

This morning it showed a differtent price for this day. Now it is more close and acceptable.
(both prices are with any additions and without VAT

Ah yes, and there is the non-transparent pricing these companies use!

I have asked my provider EasyEnergy multiple times why their gas prices differ from FrankEnergy and also from the online published TTF market data. After many emails, reminders and ‘kluitje in het riet’ answers from them, I have given up.

But actually something stinky is going on here for gas pricing. Sometimes FrankEnergy is higher than EasyEnergy, and sometimes the reverse. I suspect they add some cents to the m3 gas price that they are not transparent about. Or they both buy their gas on different markets, but if so, please give me a link to that public market data.

Consumer watchdogs should dig into this…

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I’m working on those flow cards now. It will be a manually settable percentage.

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New version 4.6.1 is ready for testing: Power by the Hour | Homey

  • Added flow cards for highest price.
  • Changed several flow cards from dropdown to number.

@andraves @Tormod_Torgersen Can you test the flow card % settings?
@Peter_Ta Can you test the ‘Highest price before’ flow card?


works perfect for me!

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Hi guys,
I’ve had this app for a while, but never really used it. Now, with the surging electricity prices I’ve found something I can hopefully use it for - to measure the usage of energy hungry devices.

Could someone help me figure out how to do something like this?

  1. I activate a flow to measure the usage
  2. I set a variable containing the current usage
  3. I record the usage (preferably minus the value in the above variable - or anything above this baseline)
  4. I stop the flow, and the value of step 3 is displayed in the timeline (and sent to tasker, but that’s easy to fix)

Is this possible?