[APP][Pro] Power by the Hour: Insights per hour, day, month and year

Looks like this could be done in combination with the group app. Add all the devices you want, that have the Power capability, to a group and then add the group to a power by hour device.

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I don’t think a group can have power_meter capability

When I tried it I added a sensor device in the group app. Then I could choose power meter and it fetched all my devices that supported that capability.

consider my previous post obsolete, @Adrian_Rockall you’re right… gonna use this somewhere :grin:

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FYI: I’m working on supporting Gas and Water usage in the next release. Also I will add ‘This year total’ to the app.


Completely rewritten app version V2.0.1 is approved in the app store. You can install it from here:

  • Added total per year
  • Added gas meter totals
  • Added water meter totals
  • Added device settings to manually enter starting meter readings (this month, this year)

ATTENTION: The new functionality is only available for newly added devices. You do not need to de-install existing devices, but you will see a message “This type of device might not be supported in the future”


Nice! I’m looking forward to use your new app! Great work!

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Very nice en useful app, thanks

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Using this app for a while now. It does a great job! Bought solar panels this week and made a summarizer for the solar panels. There is something funny with it.

Yesterday it counted nice. The output of the solar panel was counted as positive values. Total output 11kWh. This morning the yesterdays output was at the Deze dag location as a negative value ( -10.3kWh). Dit uur was a positive values (I think this values was correct). The Deze maand and Dit jaar values where small negative values (-0.7kWh).

It seems that the yesterdays output starts as negative values… The minus 0.7kWh is probably negative yesterdays output plus today output so far… Am I doing something wrong or is this a small glitch?

Maybe important… Solar panels switch off at night. There is no communication and the kWh meter stops running (I read something in this topic about meters that stay on 0 for longer time).

Important update… Maybe I know where it goes wrong… I use the Zonnepanelen app from Diederik Bakker. The meter of this app starts at 0 every day. Your app probably expects an ascending value at the meter…

Correct :sunglasses:

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Is there something I can do to make this work? Using logic or something to create a ascending value?

You could ask @Diederik to create an option in his app to make the meter_power not reset every day.

Thnx for the reply… I will do that. Maybe @Diederik can add an extra ascending value or an option for not resetting the value.

That will not work with PowerByTheHour. It needs power_meter as capability. So I think making the daily reset an option is the easiest solution.

Would it be possible to use multiple power_meter capabilities? I believe the SDK supports using the same capability multiple times in the same driver by adding a modifier, like power_meter.lifetime.

The Solar Panels app currently just takes the daily power meter from the inverter manufacturer’s API, so it is not intentionally resetting the value every day. Some manufacturers might also support a lifetime energy value which could be implemented this way.

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Yes that is possible, but the standard for meter_power is that that is the cumulative one.

If you would e.g. a add meter_power.total you would be deviating from how meter_power is normally used (not forbidden to do that off course, but I would have to adapt my PowerByTheHour app specially to handle your apps output.)

If you are saying that the behaviour of your meter_power depends on the individual brand of inverter, then I would suggest you make it user selectable on the device level.

It would be very nice if both our apps work together well :hugs:


Is it? I would say the capability is only dictated to a specific type of measurement and unit.

My app uses meter_power in a consistent way, that is, the daily energy meter value.

I will look into adding multiple meter_power capabilities, showing both daily and total energy production. The daily energy production is important for many users because they set up notifications with that value every night.


Sound good! We’ll find a way to make it work one way or another :sunglasses:


Nice to see the community work together. For now I use the value from the Solarpanels app for my daily output and bought a separate kWh meter with S0 output. An Arduino based microcontroller counts the pulses and sends the ascending kWh value to a virtual device on Homey. I use this devices for the Power by the Hour app.

Any ETA for this?