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[APP][Pro] Plugwise (Zone Control) by Athom

Did you guys see the 2.7.0 update? Our prayers concerning the max range for the Plugwise zones have been answered :pray:t2: thank you Plugwise, Athom and probably @TedTolboom for making this happen!


And the max temperature is on par!

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Hi @TedTolboom

This question is more Plugwise / kettle orientated but I am sure you have an answer :wink:

In your App the the 'gewenste ketel temperatuur" is shown:

On my Remeha Tzerra and Calenta systems I have set the central heating water to 48 and 60 degrees (the shower water is 65 / 65). In the App these numbers are never met. If the CV is running I get 35 / 45 degrees.

What does the 'gewenste ketel temperatuur" represent, if it is not the value I have set the central heating water to?


@Eternity this shows the actual operational temperatures inside the CV.
Desired temperature is the temperature setpoint the CV is aiming for at that moment in time to reach in the supply temperature (aanvoertemperatuur).
In below example: my heatpump is operating at 100% modulation level with intended supply temperature of 35 degrees. Actual supply temperature is 34.7 degrees and return temperature is 28 degrees.

Which you can also check while logging in onto the Adam’s web interface (measurements > kettle):

Thanks @TedTolboom , it makes sense now :wink:

I understand you have combined your CV with a heatpump. Is it an Elga (Ace)? I am toying with the idea of adding an Elga Ace too. It also requires an update to my ADAM HA. So, modulation reflects the heatpump, not the boiler?

Hi @TedTolboom !

Great integration again, thanks and congrats!

My question is the same as @TKroon has, but I have Adam HA and other Plugwise goodies.

Schedule settings would be awesome to have in this app, since the best is when Adam works by shedules it knows. This is the most efficient way, so I have two shedules programmed in Adam:

  • Usual, which sets termostats during the day by my needs
  • Away, wihich keeps all thermostats on 15 degrees celsius

I’d automate “Away” mode when I leave for long and automatically set back “Usual” mode when I get back but this way I can not do now.

Is it possible?

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@TKroon and @Fac3 I would need to investigate what is feasible within Plugwise’s API and possible within the Homey app.

Switching between in the Plugwise app defined schedules might be possible to implement; completely defining the schedules within the Homey app will be more complicated. Not sure if the latter fits your needs.

@Fac3 in v4.3.5 firmware of the Adam, Plugwise introduced “scenes for all zones” and “Actions for all zones” (not sure if that is the right word) that is pausing all schedules / putting all zones in holiday mode. Those scenes and actions are not yet implemented in the Homey app… this sounds similar to your needs described above. Or am I missing something?

It’s definitely enough to switch between schedules, defining them is not neccessary at all.

  • 4.3.5??? Mine is 3.2.8 and says it’s up to date…
  • Implementation of scene control for zones or all zones is also would be important but not as much as schedule switching

The main advantage of Plugwise is it’s learning and predicitve behaviour. It learns how slow or fast the zones react to the heating beside different environmental conditions (inside and outside temperatures, wind direction and force, sun directions and actual cloudyness and so on) According to these data it switches earlier or later on or off zones, or even not switching on at all at some cirscumstances if it makes no sense.

This is the reason Adam needs to know exact scheduling to be prepared at the right time. For example at me “Usual” scheduling keeps two degrees celsius higher during the day compared to night time. The main goal, if the schedule says 21C from 21h, it will turn off a lot earlier, because floor heating will release heat for long after switching off. But switching off time is different if outside temp is 10C or -10C.

So when I leave my home for long, I need to manually switch between “Usual” and “Away” schedule. :slight_smile: And it happens a lot.

Agreed with @Fac3. I’d like to let Adam do most of the work and thinking, because it is more efficient. The only thing I do is switching between some temperatures, which I can set via schedules or modes (Home, Away, Vacation, etc).

Feature request @TedTolboom

Would it be possible to select the status indicator for a TOM valve. It now shows the setpoint (shows 20 degrees in the screenshot), but that can not be set to valve open % or actual temperature. That would be handy :slight_smile:

In Homeydash I can select the valve %

Schermafbeelding 2021-10-23 om 12.49.30

Unfortunately the current Homey apps SDK does not allow this.
Devices with the thermostat class will always show the temperature setpoint and the color is depending on the delta between actual temperature and setpoint.

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I see. Thanks for the answer Ted!

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Would it be possible to set the valve position of a TOM with an action card? So, in a flow it would be possible to set the TOM to a x % position.

Use case. I have installed a TOM before the pump of my floor heating systeem. Adam switches the pump with a PLUG and opens the TOM. However, sometimes I see the it does not open to 100%.