[APP][Pro] Philips Hue Zigbee (Without the bridge)


The SDK3/Firmware 5 version of the app have been published as Live in app store.

If you run an older firmware on your Homey you will, if needed, find the SDK2 version of the app at Github. (link in app info).

I have now also released a new Test version of the app. In this version I have added an alternative driver for the indoor motion sensor, if you try it please give me some feedback. It’s called “Occupancy Sensor”.

From now the Test version will hold all the new features and drivers first, when verified they will be added to the Live version. If you choose to use the Test version you should be aware that some drivers might be in development and have bugs.

Thanks everyone for your support! :beer: :smiley:


Hi Johan, do we have to re-add the motion sensors? I asked because with 2.0.29 my outdoor stopped recognizing motion again. Indoor sensor still worked. Is there any visible setting change with 2.0.30 regarding to the "Occupancy Sensor”?

Hi @Joka. If indoor works with 29 but Outdoor does not I think Outdoor will work in 30.

The two new devices; Outdoor Occupancy Sensor and Occupancy Sensor, are totally rewritten drivers. They handle the sensors differently and in my view better. But they are so far test drivers.

Ok I understand, which means there are two devices for each sensor available now. The icon for the occupancy outdoor sensor shows the indoor sensor and has to be changed. I will test the rest tomorrow.

Hi Johan, with 2.0.30 it is only possible to pair the HUE Dimmer (2. Gen) as a standard zigbee device.

Hi @Joka,
I have not made any changes that could break the driver and as I just successfully added a Dimmer Switch Gen 2 here and it works just fine for me I don’t think it’s a problem with the driver.
Check your Zigbee status in dev tools. Is it looking alright? Do you have issues with other units too?

Hi Johan.
I am experiencing the same problem as Joka.

Everything looks good in the dev.tools.
I did notice that when “adding new device” and selecting the app it does say “Experimentell” in the top right corner, however when viewing the app inn the app-section it still says v1.8.4.

could it be that my homey somehow still tries to use the “old” app?

EDIT: I misread it, it looks correct in the app as well. Still trying to figure out what is wrong.

EDIT2: The message i get is this:
"Could not find a Homey App for this device, it has been added as “Basic Zigbee Device”’

Zigbee works fine, no problems at all. I do a reset of the Dimmer Gen 2 and tried to pair it near homey again. The message "Could not find a Homey App for this device, it has been added as “Basic Zigbee Device” is shown very fast in my case.

@Joka and @Cheggen, can you both please create a diagnostic report from dev tools and send me the codes? I will check with Athom if this is an app issue.

Hello,same for me try to pair the Hue dimmer gen.2 but homey does not find it,he install it like a generic Zigbee device.
Homey version 5 here

Sent you the code of the diagnistic report via PM.

Additional info:

I left the basic zigbee device connected so you or athom can compare the model-ID and manufacturer.

THX Johan

Hi @johan_bendz,

thanks for changing the button scenes of the Smart Button.
Can you maybe explain the properties of the different actions?
– Button pressed on (odd times)
– Button pressed off (even times)
– Button held (<1 sec) / I think it’s not easy to hold the button less than 1 sec
– Button held - up
– Button held - down
– Button released (if status=on and held)

I have already tried to find out the differences, but I was not really successful, sorry.

Hi there.
Np, description of how they work:

“Button pressed”
Every time the button is pressed this trigger fires.

“Button pressed on (odd times)”
The button sends a sequence number and this trigger will fire on odd numbers. Eg. first press, 3rd press etc.

“Button pressed off (even times)”
The button sends a sequence number and this trigger will fire on even numbers. Eg. second press, 4th press etc.

“Button held (any time)”
This trigger fires when the button is held down. After initial trigger it will keep trigger every second while the button is held down.

“Button held (<1 sec)”
This trigger fires when the button is held down. After initial trigger it stops.

“Button held (>1 sec)”
This trigger fires when button has been held down more than 1 second and will continue to trigger every second until the button is released.

“Button released (if status=on and held)”
This trigger fires when then button has been held and are released. Only fires after an odd hold.

(I see I made en error… Button held-up and held-down will be removed. They have no functionality.)

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I was able to create a diagnostics report ID: ADB73F, but i havent figured out how to download the report. Is the ID enough for you?

Hi Johan, my test with the occupancy driver is still running (indoor + outdoor sensor):

  1. both sensors recognize motion/occupancy + temperature + luminance
  2. the time of the motion alarm icon (upper left) differs from the logged time stamps (down right).

Edit: Motion/Occupancy on/off will be logged correctly. But it seems that the sensor sends "NO movement " statements in addition over time.

  1. battery level isn’t shown/recognized
  2. device icon of the outdoor sensor shows the indoor sensor

Could you please explain the difference regarding to the logic of motion and occupancy detection.
I mean, how does the occupancy driver handles the input of the sensor data differently compared to the motion sensor? THX

Yes, and you can’t download the report. Only Athom can see those.

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The Motion sensor driver only sends a trigger to Homey when motion starts meaning I have to use a timer in Homey to reset the device after a motion has been detected.

The Occupancy sensor driver sends a trigger to Homey on both when motion start and stops.


@Taos_Artwork Does it work now, with latest test version (2.0.30)?

After installing I could install the Outdoor Sensors again and they work now. I will test them a couple of days and let you know.

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