[APP][Pro] Philips Hue Zigbee (Without the bridge)

Nice we wait for it.

Hue essentieel Android app on the phone can even push the trick three times on a button you want i have my 3 lights on the power on button. I would like to see the homey too but for now i stick to hue essentieel with multiple clicks or the Aqara switch.

Ok installed the latest version but I still get the same error.

OK, did you remove the device and pair it again? If so, send a crash report.

Thanks, didn’t know I had to repair them. I tried one light, now it seems to work. Thanks for your help. I will repair all my lights and repair my flows now.

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Thanks for the feedback, I will make the change to the app store in next update.

Hi @johan_bendz i tried v.2.0.28 today but 3 of my motion sensor weren t working anymore (Temp and lux was reporting but no motion anymore) i also tried to remove and add in .28 but still the same fault. So i downgraded to .26 again and still the same fault, then i tried to do a ptp but still the same fault after i removed and readded the motion sensors again they are now working. All my motion sensor have already the newest FW i upgraded it via hue bridge before i connected them to homey.

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Thanks @Martin_Tschanun, for this valuable feedback. :+1: I have received several feedbacks since my post regarding the firmware and it is now obvious that this is not the reason for the problems. :thinking:

Sadly this means re-pair is the only solution I can offer right now. Happy that did the trick for you!

:heart_eyes: Philips Hue Zigbee now supports more than 100 kind of devices and counting! :heart_eyes:

Now working on adding support for the new Dimmer Switch and some extra light devices/models.

(and as always fixing bugs as we find them :face_with_monocle: )


Is it possible to control the state after powerloss ?

Hi @johan_bendz Unfortunately I still can’t connect these lamps with the Homey Hue Zigbee App. Can you tell me which ones they are within the app? Especially then the Philips Hue White ambiance recessed bathroom spotlight.

When I add them, they still show up as a Zigbee device and I can only turn them on and off. No other control or change of colour temperature possible.

Thanks in advance!

Not at the moment, I have working code for it but some devices crashed when I released it to App Store Test so I rolled back. Will try again later and test better before rolling out

Is it this light? Hue White Ambiance Milliskin recessed spotlight | Philips Hue

If not, provide an url for @johan_bendz then he can together with the info you already provided add the light to an existing device if already available in the app, otherwise it will be added to the app.

Are you btw on Homey V5? If not I would suggest to upgrade to V5 and try to add the light once more. New devices will also be added to V5, for V4 you have to wait much longer (or maybe it won’t be added anymore for V4, since V5 is official released)

@Taos_Artwork I do see two recessed lights in the app for V5:

Thanks for your work.


This is not the right lamp, neither are the two you suggest below. I have already made the request several times, with the weburl, with the image from Homey, everything complete.

I think it still hasn’t been added or I just can’t find which one it is. I have already tried every lamp that even slightly resembles it in the App.

My Homey runs on V5, since before the official release …

This is the set I have got:

Hi @Taos_Artwork, you are correct. I have them on my todo list. Will add with next release.

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The SDK3/Firmware 5 version of the app have been published as Live in app store.

If you run an older firmware on your Homey you will, if needed, find the SDK2 version of the app at Github. (link in app info).

I have now also released a new Test version of the app. In this version I have added an alternative driver for the indoor motion sensor, if you try it please give me some feedback. It’s called “Occupancy Sensor”.

From now the Test version will hold all the new features and drivers first, when verified they will be added to the Live version. If you choose to use the Test version you should be aware that some drivers might be in development and have bugs.

Thanks everyone for your support! :beer: :smiley:


Hi Johan, do we have to re-add the motion sensors? I asked because with 2.0.29 my outdoor stopped recognizing motion again. Indoor sensor still worked. Is there any visible setting change with 2.0.30 regarding to the "Occupancy Sensor”?

Hi @Joka. If indoor works with 29 but Outdoor does not I think Outdoor will work in 30.

The two new devices; Outdoor Occupancy Sensor and Occupancy Sensor, are totally rewritten drivers. They handle the sensors differently and in my view better. But they are so far test drivers.

Ok I understand, which means there are two devices for each sensor available now. The icon for the occupancy outdoor sensor shows the indoor sensor and has to be changed. I will test the rest tomorrow.