[App][Pro] PaperTrails Log - Advanced Logging and Log management (v0.6.3)

Has anyone experienced the automagically adding papertrail additions to all of your flows by the website under Homey v5(rc50)?

Since it is (still) experimental firmware, I am a bit cautious. Would not want to mess up all of my flows… :slight_smile:

Dank! Het werkt goed.

Unfortunately the “Magic” setting doesn’t work any more since FW 2. I’m on RC50 and just updated all essential flows with a Log card manually. Unbelievable there is no logging provided out-of-the box by Homey! There is just too much guessing involved in troubleshooting issues right now, even with basic logging in flows. :frowning:

Maybe a bug: when using the Zone tag in the txt field between brackets ("[]", expecting something like “[Bathroom] My Sensor: 21” in the log), they end up like this:
021-01-04 13:16.31 [[[deviceZone]]] My Sensor: 10
Or should I escape these chars somehow?

For Syslog (on Synology NAS) it also seems that for a logline like: “[Flow] Started flow x”
The first word “[Flow]” disappears in the SysLog entry. I only see “Started flow x” as message but no program?

A logline like: “Room1: LightSensor= 21” shows up in Syslog as:
Room1 as Program, and “LightSensor= 21” as message. Is that expected?

And just a thought for a feature suggestion: an exclude filter. To track all device updates, I use a flow with “WHEN Any sensor 's value changed”, but this unfortunately also includes some logs from very chatty Aqara light sensors that am not particularly interested in. In this case an exclude filter would help: in the log view similar to the include filter, or in the app settings before it actually gets logged.

I understand from

that the magic still can be performed from:

That’s what I was referring to…

I noticed a remark by @Dijker in the Dutch forum indicating it was not supported any more:

But we’ll leave it up to him to give a conclusive answer here. :slight_smile:

Read that too, but he says the magic part doesn’t work in the app anymore and refers us to the website.

Can you help us out please? And should it work with flows in Homey v5 too? :slight_smile:

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@Henk_Renting @Bob_Oosterhof

As mentioned before,

Tested it last week with Homey v5 and that still works, (Adding and Removing Papertrails to All Flows.) the only point is it is pretty prone to “failures”
Homey doesn’t Accept “Broken” flows anymore. (Since v2.0)
So if you have fe 30 Flows but the 3rd flow is broken it will only update the first 2 flows.
Please check your Homey fitst for broken flows and fix or remove them.

Find a Help here:

Due to many personal thing I didn’t take time to update the App (Both Papertrails as the Homey Community Backup App with Papertrails Dashboard.)
Maybe if time permits I will but for now you have to do it with this.


Great, that was what I was looking for…

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Tnx! Works great.

I use the app for a short while now and it works great! Same goes for adding papertrail logging cards to all of my flows via https://homeybackup.web.app/login/.

Only thing is that the cards added to the ELSE column have the THEN prefix too:

This shouldn’tbe the case I am understanding the site correctly:

And what is the AL! prefix and what should it do?

Seen my post here above, @Dijker?
Do you think you cam be of help? :smiley:

Just in your honor Dijker, PaperTrails log on front of my server cabinet door


Hi Henk,
Yes I had seen your post and already answered it my head… Guess forget to type it over :wink:
Yes you are right, i made some mistake and place Then in the Else part.
Guess it was because of a little hury before moving to another place, ant that took some time and energy.
As I also changed Job, I haven’t done much with the computers and these Projects.
Although I have some nice ideas and now started finding back my sources of this project.

I will definitely look into it again,
Also have started thinking about and working out another nice homey Project, but that also needs more time.

The AL! stood in my head for Automatic Logging and was to distinguish the auto added part and the Part modified from a user.

That would be great!
And curious for your new project(s?).

Thanks for your extensive answer!

does that automatic log still work with v5.
I can log in to the website with my homey account, and also make a backup, that just works good.
I can click on papertrails for as long, add log to each flow, nothing happens? few days later still nothing with Android Chrome not even with Windows.

Works flawless here on v5. So that shouldn’t be the problem…

Hmmm, just tried it again, and…
https://homeybackup.web.app/ gives me no additions to flows where there were no Papertrails cards before too.
Can there be something wrong, @Dijker?


  • I log on to the backup/Papertrail site
  • Press add in the Papertrails config
  • I see the site (re) loading
  • But no cards are added to my flows. Nor in THEN, nor ELSE (even nog with the wrong naming for ELSE… :frowning:

You probably have an broken flow,
First repair all flows. The errorhandling for that is still missing.

Sorry, overlooked it. You were absolutely true!
After repairing the broken flow, it works flawlessly again!
(except for the ELSE entries, but you already knew that)

Thx, @Dijker!