[App][Pro] PaperTrails Log - Advanced Logging and Log management (v0.6.3)

Okay, thanks. Who knows the app will get an update that will fix this.

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Any news on further development, @Dijker?
I have always used this app with great pleasure.
But now I noticed automatic adding flowcards to my flows by visiting https://homeybackup.web.app/papertrails doesn’t work anymore… :frowning:
It does connect to my Homey (I see the past log on the site after logging in), but when I try to add cards to my flows, nothing happens…
Can we do something else to make it easier for you to maintain the app and site?

Hi @Henk_Renting
I just tested and yes I have to confirm adding to all Flows is broken, I guess also the Restore is broken now.
Fixing it will take time to concentrate and dig up the work from 3 years ago.

Sorry I still have no timeframe if / when I will continue development.

Perhaps there is a developer here who would like to assist you or take over?

I’d be happy to contribute, but have no programming skills myself… :frowning:

@Dijker (Do not use advanced flow yet) but I guess we can still use papertrail cards in advanced flows right?

I guess so,

[FAQ] [Advanced Flow] Infinite canvas. Infinite creativity - #42 by Dijker

Btw have not heard of any app not working with AF

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Hi @Dijker,
Saw a (test) update in the app store for Papertrails. Great, thx once again!
Dare I ask if you have found some time to update the website for automatic adding of Papertrail cards too?
Or if it is on the roadmap somewhere in the near future?

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Is there any way like a script to remove all log flow cards (over 90 flows)?

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There was but I now see it is broken, I have to see when to fix the WebApp.


Would be great and very helpful if you were able to look into it.
Really missing the functionality of the webapp here… :wink:

Will this app be updated to SDK3?

Looking into what it takes to update,
I am not an experienced developer and therefore it takes some extra time and I don’t want to push a buggy version.


That sounds reasona le, @Dijker!
Though I would like an upgrade to SDK3 very much too. I use Papertrails a lot…
Any effort very much appreciated!

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Can/may i help you @Dijker?


Hi Arie, Thanks for your offer,
I am already working on it and think it will be available soon.
Just want to fix en double test some things.

As far as I know there are still no Early 2023’s outside Athom :wink:


That is great news, @Dijker! :+1:t2::smiley:
Any news on automatically adding papertrails logging flowcards to all flows too? Like the backup site does?

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Wonderful news it is! Yes the ‘auto-add logcard’ function is brilliant.

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Hi Geurt,

Maybe it doesn’t apply on Papertrails 2023, but I’d like you to inform about the v0.6.5 test app running out of memory, only when test driving advanced flows with Papertrails log cards.

and is that only with the 0.6.5 ? What Flow did you test ?

Yes, I run v0.6.5 since it was published. Didn’t think of testing with v0.6.4 yet :upside_down_face:
It does not really matter which Adv.flows I test.
I only use the ‘Add to the log’ action card