[APP][Pro] Norwegian Utility Bill (Strømregning)

@balmli I have a weird issue. I just noticed that for one of my devices, the Strømregning-device hasn’t had any updates to energy for 29 days. I checked the flow that updates the Strømregning-device, and it is OK. I also tried adding a push notification to myself just to make sure it is actually triggered when the source device updates energy (which works).

For some reason this one Strømregning device seems stuck (I have a few others as well, and they all appear normal). I also tried changing the flow to update power instead of energy, but that didn’t change anything.

I haven’t tried restarting the Strømregning app, but my Homey was restarted a week ago (an update), so the app would also have been restarted at that time.

I would like to avoid having to delete and recreate the device (and thus lose all stats), so is there anything else I can try to get it working again?

Edit to add:
I added a new Strømregning device and added that to the same flow that updates the original (and stuck) Strømregning device, and this new device receives the updates as it should. How the heck could one Strømregning device get stuck like this, and refuse any updates?

Thanks for the great app!

Is it possible to get the last months kWh usage (in kWh not money) as a tag to ve used in flows?
I send myself a message the 1 of every month with last months cost and would like to have the last months kWh as well :slight_smile:

Looks like a great app. Is it possible to add the spotprices for Denmark (DK1 and DK2)?

No, sorry, won’t do that.

You can find them in the power by the hour app.

v. 1.3.0 ready for testing, with an update for how the grid capacity level is calculated.


  • Added an option to calculate ‘Level for grid capacity’ as an average of highest consumption hours
  • Added an option to select grid company for grid capacity and energy settings
  • Fixed ‘New level for grid capacity’ trigger
  • Added action cards to update utility cost settings

Link for access to the test-version:


How are the calculations done in the app with the different options (energy vs. power). If the app gets a new power value every second, does the app consider the time between the values or how does it work? If I use “energy” is it just summing up the values that i gets? The reason I ask is because I would like the app to be as accurate as possible. What are your recomendations for a stable solution? I have both yhe Tibber Pulse (can get “energy since midnight” and a “power” value. I also have a Oss-unit that can report “meter stand”.

Hi, Use power (effekt) for the best accuracy.

For energy (kWh) the app calculates power by using the energy in the period between two updates. Normally power is in W (watt) and energy in kWh, and not as accurate.

Cool, will give it a try!
I see that the minimum sampling rate with Tibber Pulse is 5 second. For a live value i guess its good enough. But to be able to use it for checking the invoice it mig t be some deviation. I guess the best would be if the app can poll the exact value from the grid operator or Elhub.

I have been using this app for a few months now and I think it is great. I also use some of the other great apps from @balmli - thanks a lot and keep up the great work!

However, since midnight (09/06-22) the prices (NO-01) has stopped updating on my Homey, although the price in the heating controller app seems to still be alive. I also have the Tibber and the Power by the hour apps, and their prices have also stopped updating yesterday - which leads me to think this is an API problem from where the apps are fetching the prices. I read on Nordpol that there has been some changes to their marked data website recently, so maybe this is related? Has anyone noticed the same?

Everything else on my Homey seems to be working fine, including other apps fetching information from online resources, so it does not appear to be a local problem.

Tibber puls is also in the dark. Stopped “recording” 11 hours ago.

Tibber now appears to be up and running again (since 0900); https://status.tibber.com/

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For people that uses Tibber pulse. What do you guys get for deviaton on the total consumed (measured by the app) vs. Whats presentert in Elhub?
I usually get 1-2 kWh off (less in the strømregning app) per day.
Has anyone experimented with using the variable “consumed from midnight” instead?

Any chance to get nettleie prices for lede.no into the app? Pris fra 1.7.2022 - Lede

Yes… Only missing info about what the grid energy price (energiledd) is in the period 22:00 - 06:00.
You know ?

@balmli: If you are adding grid companies, maybe you could add Fagne (previously Haugaland Kraft nett) as well:

Scroll down on the page for the new prices.

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Not following. Is not energiledd just a cost in øre/kWh? What does the time have to do with it?

Most grid companies have a lower grid energy cost in the night, and most also during the weekend.

Here is a spreadsheet with prices for some of the grid companies:


Prices from net company named “mellom”

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