[APP][Pro] Norwegian Utility Bill (Strømregning)

What definition of average do you think of ? And can I ask what you are using it for ?

Well, i have been using tibber to check the average per hour of the entire day. But i want to have everything in homey because i have made an energy overview in homey. So i recreated the “Snitt i dag” in Homey with this flow: Shared Flow | Homey

But it would also be great to have an overview of the average per month, and per year. But that is secondary for me, i guess the main thing i would be interested in would be to have the “Snitt i dag” included. which is basically “Energy today” / “Time passed today”.

Hvorfor får jeg nettleie i dag på kr 5.62?
Den starter på dette !!
Hva har jeg gjort feil?

Grid cost per day is added at the start of a new day.

Tibber has a cool feature that can trigger a flow and it is “current price is one of todays x lowest” and it is really usefull to trigger start and stop for car charging and boiler. But since tibber does not have The grid cost it would be a Nice feature in this app, i.e. “If current strøm and nettleie is one of todays x lowest”. Even better would be something like “If current strøm and nettleie is one of todays and tomorrow x lowest”

@Bonden I see you have a virtual device for estimater Hourly consumtion. Keen on sharing?

@Torbjorn_Melbye Could i ask you how do you “find” which one is the the 12 lowest hours?

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@balmli Regarding having a trigger that cobsider all known prices not only the one within the same day. It Looks like you have drone this in a other app that is not released: GitHub - balmli/com.nordpoolspot: Nordpool spot app for Athom Homey
Is there a reson for not having this in this app?

Hi, Have you check the Heating Controller app ?

For “Estimert timesforbruk” i just use the power of the hour app.

But i have also made som virtual devices.

  • “Snitt i dag” is the average power usage per hour so far today
  • “Estimert forbruk” is a calculation i have made that estimates the power usage for today based on the usage the last two days and the average for today.
  • I am now trying to find a way to estimate the consumption for the month based on the consumption so far.

Hi. Is this app compatible with EVA måleravleser I have trouble getting readings from it…


Can you share how you solved it? I’m also not getting any energy readings from my Pulse into this app. The flow I’m using is below:

I have the same problem as @Veggbo. Strømregning does not receive the power or energy from my Aeotec Smart Meter. I tried the same flow to send energy and power to Power of the Hour, and that works flawlessly.

Am I doing something wrong?

@Veggbo @Hammervoll Have you read the install-instructions ? On the top if this page ?

@balmli Yes, I have read the instructions multiple times, and I also think I have understood them :face_with_monocle:
I’m sending price data from Tibber to Strømregning, that works fine.

I have tried both sending energy consumption and power consumption to the app (not at the same time), but no luck. When I test the flows, there is a progressbar going for a long time in the «then» card, and eventually I get a red error symbol with a cryptic error message at the top, see image below.

This is the current flow I have, trying to send power consumption:

In my case I piced the wrong “effect”. Had to pic it from my meter reader instead of from Strømregning.
Then everything start to work.

@Hammervoll @balmli
UPDATE: I restarted the Strømregning-app, and now consumption is recorded using power. Need to remind myself to always try restarting stuff :sweat_smile:

Tried every kind of flows and nothing worked. I had already tried restarting the app AND Homey itself.

But, I removed every one of my attempts to make it work (only tried one flow at a time) and recreated the flow in the first post, then restarted the app, and now it works! Just needed a little kickstart it seems :face_with_hand_over_mouth: