[APP][Pro] NetScan (Version 2.0.6, Test Version 2.0.7)

Hello Adrian, I added the IP for this PC (where I made the screenshot) but it is indicating “Device offline”.
What goes wrong?
(Only when creating the device it indicates online, offline ever after.)

Did you create an ‘IP’ or a ‘port’ device?
If ‘IP’, then it seems you entered a non-matching IP address, or the PC is in standby maybe.
I think a ‘port’ device should work, as long as a PC port is open.
You can check for open ports using Fing network scanner f.i.

Example of open port search (performed on the IP address of my Homey, just as example)

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The ‘port’ device is OK, thanks, but the IP device with the exact same IP is (still) not OK :frowning:

Unfortunately it just depends on if the PC will respond. If you have a firewall that completely ignores closed ports (no response) then it won’t work.
Ideally, the app would use a true ping to detect the presence but a Homey app does not have privileges to access the low level interface required for that.
So, if the port device is OK then stick with that.

Hello Adrian.
Just to be sure, checktimeout is the time in seconds I need to be away from the network before it puts me as offline, right? And check interval is hbor often the must search for my ip on the network, right?
Do you have preferred settings for the two? I have a 200/200 Mbit.

And thank you for your hard work!

The Check Timeout is how long the network request will wait for a response before it fails. I would recommend a setting of about 10 seconds.
The Check Interval is how long between sending network requests so i would recommend around 15 seconds.
The actual interval could be the sum of the two values if the device doesn’t respond as the timer for the next check is set when the current request finishes. That means that the Timeout can be longer than the Interval without causing any overlap.

Okay, thanks for the reply.
My problem is that a few of our phones go into hibernation, and then they go offline :woozy_face:

You might find that the newer app Smart Presence App for Homey | Homey works better for your use case. That app was was written by the original author of this app but enhanced with extra features to cope with that situation.

I really like this app, but missing the alarm when a device goes online. Is there a possibility to implement this in the app?

Could you explain what you mean by Alarm?
There is a flow action for Device Came Online

And the tile show an Alarm if the device is offline.

I use this f.i. to report on/offline status in 1 flow

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I mean the status of a tile (picture). Because when the “alarm / exclamation mark” of a tile means a zone is active. For me it will be perfect if you can choose between offline and online. Maybe something like a door sensor where you can choose wich way is open and close.

I understand why the tile alarm is for offline. So you see when a device is offline, but like the function to make a zone online.

Hi Arjan, I felt free to create a kind of workaround.

  • Create one virtual contact sensor, I called it “ZoneSwitch NetScan”, and place it in the NetScan devices Zone
    All NetScan devices can turn it on, so if one or more items come online, they set the virtual contact sensor to ON, and this way the zone becomes active.

  • To set the virtual contact to Active, this flow is for ONE device. I choose to set in to INactive again after X minutes:

But, instead of the auto-INactive setting, you can choose to set the virtual contact only to INactive if one or more devices are offline:

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That’s a good workaround solution.

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Thanks. This one posted earlier, I forgot about;
it can work if you switch the THEN and ELSE cards and use the virtual contact sensor

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I’m pleased you found a workaround as I started to implement an option to reverse the logic and it got very messy. The caption needs to change as it says Offline so that would have to be online, the insights would all be wrong and then the flow cards also need to be aware so it can invert the status back again.
What seemed like a simple update soon spiralled out of control.

That sounds like allot of work. It’s fine for me and it works good. Thanks for helping!
I’ve also some motion / door sensors as virtual device. Because when a door is closed the sensor must be off. To get a zone inactive. A little bit the same solution as this one.

And also thanks for your help Peter


Hi, is it possible to add device to You app, which be able to send or receive data from established socket tcp/ip connection, as client or server ?

Sorry for the late reply but I have only just seen your post.
I’m not sure that feature is in keeping with the app. What do you plan to use it for?

communication with PLC