[APP][Pro] My New Motion - Smart charging at home for you electric vehicle

:roll_eyes: Can you send a new error report?


Can you try this one?


I installed 3.3.4 experimental. During the installation process I see the tile with an icon of the charge point. When the installation is completed I still get an error. “Onbekende fout”. Under device I see the tile with an icon on it. It is only the top half of the charge point. (I’m not sure if that is as designed.


I can confirm version 3.3.3 works with new Homey Pro 2023. I was able to add my charge point. Thanks Vincent!

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Ok, interesting. So it loads the icon, it works but does push an error somewhere while adding.
I see two errors in your log, one due to a timing thing during loading. Thats a non breaking error. Next is a encryption decoding error, but i use it for the password we stored encrypted. So if thats broken how can it work later on.
Is it a migrated installation? It remains working after adding?

The icon partially showing is indeed normal.

I have an early 2016 home (the 2023 is underway😀). Never had a migration or restored a backup.

I will charge my car tomorrow to see if data gets updated. For now I see nothing out of the ordinary.

When adding the charge point I did get several log in error before it logged in successfully. I’m not sure if that is related to the encryption error. But I assume the way you wrote your message, the encryption error was the breaking error, so later in the process than the login.

I have the 3.3 update installed and named all 3 chargepoints. But it gives an error again. The second one is in occupied state and offline. I cant reset it from my account so I’ve send an email to shell to support the reset of the chargepoint or delete it from my account.

Hope this helps.

whem i’m charging the car I can see in homey that it is being charged. So everything seems to work regardless of the error message during install.