[APP][Pro] Misol and Ecowitt (Release 0.1.29, Test 0.1.34 )

ok ok, tomorrow comes and try to install it.
if i need i will ask you for help :sweat_smile:

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Yeahhh, great work.
Do i need the gateway for the moisture sensor? Or can i connect it directly to the Homey?

The soil moisture sensor are supported by the GW1100 or the GW2000 gateway, so it’s not possible to connect them directly to Homey. Up to 8 sensors can be connected per gateway. If you want to use more than 8 sensor, you need an additional gateway.

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hi, installed today and everything works.
I followed your guide and within 10 minutes the weather station connected to Homey.

Do you say that it is possible to have the Italian language?

I will need a volunteer to translate it, so if you are volunteering :wink:

I use google translate to write :joy::joy:

Me too for other languages. But I don’t trust it for apps :grin:

ChatGPT works really well for this stuff. It can even directly code it in the right format.

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sorry for asking another question!

Upload Interval : 16 sec.

this value indicates how many seconds are the values ​​on the app and on Homey updated?
can i decrease and increase?


Sort of correct, but it is determined by the device as it pushes data to Homey.
Some devices update faster than others and Homey only shows the time since the value changed. So, if say the temperature is stable, then Homey might show it has been minutes since it updated.
Hope that makes sense.

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OK, you can’t go below 16 seconds

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I’m sorry, I have another question!
on the Ecowitt app I have the wind speed in km/h but on Homey it is m/s.
how can I get km/h on Homey?

If you open the Configure App page you can change it there

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I have used the app for some days and it worked great so far. But now I noticed that temperature, dew point and feels like shows the same value. I have deleted the weather station and installed again, but the same problem. I use GW1000A v1.7.6.

is it possible to set the value of light from W/m2 to lx? Like the webinterface?

I have found an issue with the Dew Point but the Feels like seems OK. Basically the Feels like will be the same as the temperature between 10 and 26.7 C. Below 10 it shows the Windchill Factor and above 26.7 it shows the Heat Index.

I have added Luminance as an extra capability so you can see both.
However, the Luminance is an approximation based on a factor of 126.7 which is the best approximation I could find based on Sun light.

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