[APP][Pro] Magic Home LED

I tried on my tablet and it had the same options, so no device type/delete. Pretty weird… When I have time I’ll try to reset and reinstall the module.

As I understand from supported variants this app supports controller for addressable leds strips so I can add magic home controller for ws2812b?
Like this one:

or: Smart Home Led Strip Lights WiFi Control ZIGBEE Controller Lamp for Alexa Google | eBay

Hey @Aestum ,

The addressable led strips i’m not sure. I know the official magic home app will support it. But I didn’t test it myself in Homey so no guarantee it will work :wink:

If you really want to use addressable led strips you might also want to have look at D.A.L.O.R App voor Homey | Homey

The 2nd link will work.

Will this app be made also for Homey (beta)?

Looking at the first post, the app only works over a local WiFi network, which isn’t supported by Homey Cloud/Bridge. You need a Homey Pro for that.

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@Stijn_De_Jonghe No this app will never be available on a Homey Bridge.
For the full list of apps you can check this: Homey (cloud / bridge version), a selection of available apps (WIKI)

I bought my first Magic Home ledcontroller with RGB ledstrip (5m) a couple of weeks ago. It work perfect with the app and Homey. First I did needed to get used to them (because I replaced a Philips Hue led, and offcourse its a big difference with Hue).

Now i’m looking to expand and will now buy a Rgbww version of a ledstrip (maybe that will work more for me) of 10 or 15m. But there is allot of different sellers on Ali. Not every seller has mentioned “Magic Home” in there add, but when you look at the picture it is a Magic Home led controller.

I’m looking to buy this one (i already asked the seller if it is really magic home last week, but still no answer):

€ 4,26 49% Off | Wifi 5050 Led Strip Licht Waterdicht Smd Rgb/Rgbw/Rgbww Flexibele Led Strip 12V 60Leds/M 5M/10M Led Streep Met Wifi Controller

Will this one work or do you guys have good references? I one to buy a full set controller ledstrip and everything you need to plug and play :).

Thank you!

Hey @UA84

I think this will work. with this version you also have the possibility to change the color via the remote control. if you don’t want that you can also buy it separate.

I got this (except the adapter):

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Thank for your quick answer Martijn. I think i will go for the complete set and order it. The remote i wont use. But maybe the kids will play with it ;).

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Thanks for a great app! You helped me score some points with my wife getting onboard with smart home and automation :sweat_smile:.

I was wondering if there will ever be more features available through homey.

Scenes, microphone and more.


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Hey @Federico_Klappenbach ,
Haha awesome!

Scenes are available via flowcards.
Microphone I have to check :slight_smile:

Hi @martijnpoppen !

That’s great news!

What card do I use for Scenes ( 1-* devices)?
I cannot find which one to use :sweat_smile:.

Regards Federico

@Federico_Klappenbach Hmm maybe I misunderstood.
I meant the effects are in a flowcard.
Scenes are not. But as far as I see scenes are not supported in the libary i’m using :frowning:

Ik heb een WS2811 ledstrip samen met deze controler heel goed weekend in de magic app.

Ik kan m helaas alleen aan en uit zetten met homey maar geen status kleur of effect evt. Veranderen.

Weet iemand hoe dat kan?

@Stan , pls translate your reply.

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Hey @Stan
I’ll check the options for that led strip

Can you provide a diagnostic report?

You can send that via:

More - apps - Magic Home Wifi - settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report

Tanks for awnser

Is this wat you need?


Yes thanks!
Will have a look.
I’ll probably make a fix which you can test later :wink:

EDIT: DM-ed you

New app update (test: 3.3.5):

  • FIX: AK001-ZJ200
  • NEW: add AK001-ZJ2148 @Stan

Hey Martijn,

Ik krijg m niet werkend op 3.3.5

Homey kan m niet vinden op deze versie.