[APP][Pro] Life360

No differents here if i turn the card

That did the trick, thanks so much - @MarcelT you should check this out and fix it pls!

Is this issue also there with the test version?

I got my new homey pro today and installed the only app version of Life360 i found …

Well there is a test version available :

Still think there is a lot of peeps that don’t know how to find test/beta apps.

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(I’m sure everyone using Life360 already knew this, but it may be beneficial for new users to know)

“The Popular Family Safety App Life360 Is Selling Precise Location Data on Its Tens of Millions of Users”:

If the service is free, you’re the product (being sold)



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Homey free is a bit of an exception, because I do not think Athom is selling your data. This is more a teaser, as you cannot do very much with 5 devices, and Athom knows it. This is more like the legal version of giving away free drugs to get someone hooked.


It was not meant too seriously. It just popped up and I thought it was just a little coincidental :grin:

Recently I have been getting sms from life360 every morning saying welcome back. I restart the homey every night at 04.00 and this is what’s triggering it.
Also it was after I installed the new test version.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Welcome back to Life360. If this is a new device, logout of other devices so location sharing continues to work. Learn more: Support - Life360

This still happens every time I restart homey. No one else?

Something is not syncing right since the kast update. Flows are running all the way even if all conditions isn’t met.

Hey everbody,

i`m an newbie. Is it possible that the app is down. In my choice this shows me homey in the connection-process:

Greetings from South-Germany

This seems related @KeHo :

Hi, I noticed today that my Life360 devices (one android, one iPhone) have not received An updates on location, battery of Any other variable since 12 days ago. In the life360 app itself, all works fine and the devices in homey do not give any error message. Thought it had something to do with my setup, but then I came across several other users with the same issue on the Homey community Facebook group. Seems something deeper is going on here. Any chance this is fixable?

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Are you using the test version?

No, V1.2.4