[APP][Pro] Homewizard

Understand what you mean, I will check it tomorrow.

@Jeroen_Tebbens your absolutely right with “status : yes” if the alarm is activated:

{“id”:5,“name”:“RM Schrank”,“status”:“yes”,“type”:“smoke868”,“favorite”:“no”,“timestamp”:“09:35”,“cameraid”:null,“lowBattery”:“no”,“lastSeen”:“2020-08-19 09:35:14”}


Please, could you implement it :wink:


I own 4 of these, I would love to have these implemented as well :slight_smile:

Yes it is. Code has been changed it will be in version 1.0.3 available as 3 decimals.

Thanks, thats great

Raised a requested here for tracking and development.


yeah, the water consumption is now in 3 decimal places. we can now see consumption per liter. keep up the good work thanks

Yes it’s better now :slight_smile:

Hi Jeroen,

From version 1.01 and higher, switching the heatlink off doesn’t work anymore.
When the flow runs there is a problem with the command to turn the heatlink off.
How can this be solved.

Greetings Anton

Hello, I have an Energylink from HomeWizard. A kWh meter connected to it.
I use the app v1.0.3 beta from Jeroen. How and where can I see my current consumption of power?

Did you pair the Heatlink again?

Huidig vermogen is je gebruik in watt nu.

Sorry. I can not see it

No, do i only have to pair the heatlink again?

You must pair all your HomeWizard devices again. This is due the big code change from SDKv1 to SDKv2.

The element showing “Huidig vermogen” is your current usage in Watt real-time (10s polling interval)

thanks, but that’s the same as the solar yield. I think I should check my connections one more time.
my current consumption is currently much lower than the yield


“Huidige opbrengst” should be your solor (production).
Did you pair your homewizard and eneryglink again since 1.0.0?

Yes, but i wil do it again