[APP][Pro] Homesh Controller & Homesh Satellite - Connect Homey Pro 2023 to Homey Pro for Led, Speaker, Zwave(satellite) and network resource

Anybody (almost) willing to test this?

I currently do not have a second Homey at hand, trying to fix one.
But perhaps someone wants to test version 0.0.1 went its done?

You don’t need to reset your homey or anything, you just need two on (currently) the same network.

But, i might change stuff, so it is only ment to test, not to start real usage (although you could ofc).

Anyone interested, let me know!

Great idea!

About a name, what do you think of:

Linkt - Satellite
Linkt - Controller

It does have a ring to it!

But is it more obvious then Homini (Controller/Satellite) in what it’s there for?
Or Satellite Mode (Controller/Satellite)?

What do people thing?

I have two homeys, so I could give it a try, whenever I have some spare time. Let me know when you have something, then I can see what is possible

Do you know (or want too know) how to install from git?

If you need some help testing the app, feel free to send me a DM, have multiple Homeys at the moment.

With a short explanation that should be no problem. Never done it, but I am quite handy with this kind of stuff

Thanks! Chris is currently testing 0.0.1 for the connection.
In the meanwhile, iam developing flowcards so you can actually do something.

When version 0.0.2 is ready, i’ll let you know and i would love for yyou to test it then too!


Any thoughts around NFC?

If it will be included?

Yeah perhaps, now that i see a way of getting homeys in each room, there is a good change i will (try) to implement NFC readings.
Would be very handy and fun!

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I am still hoping for more Likes to see people really, really want this :wink: , but the Apps are already being tested by @Chris_nl and the beginning is there :slight_smile:


Lots of people will want this, i think :+1:
So far @Arie_J_Godschalk is making great progress, lots more work todo ofcourse, but so far everything seems to be working fine :+1:


Im still kinda stuk on a name tho…
And before a first reeal test release, i want a good name.

Any one has a mindblowing sugestion?

As the real deal is going to be called “satellite”, how about “Moon devices”, the Moon is also a satellite, and i guess the sphere form is kinda like the moon? though the moon is grey-ish instead of white :stuck_out_tongue:

Or “Solar Systems”, as Homey Pro 2023 will be the “sun” of all White Planet devices

No response from Emile yet?
What about a generic one like

  • ControllerManager
  • ClientManager (or SatelliteManager)

Thats actually very nicely

What about

  • HomyQit (Controller)
  • HomyQit (Satellite)

Nah, this one we need to figure out for ourself, he helped enough and i guess the are probably pretty busy with the upcoming release :wink:

I guess “Blackhole” would be more appropriate, as the thing is black, and the LED ring not that bright :stuck_out_tongue: The Milky Way App?

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Home Master control
Home Antenne
Advance controller