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Yeah i can try tho do that.

I’m having rooms/groups of IKEA Trådfri bulbs with up to 14 bulbs in one group. After moving my bulbs from the IKEA GW to Homey directly in Homey version 5 I experience that sometimes not all lights take its command. I therefor wonder if I should set some values in advanced settings (delay and debounce) for the group to make it better. If yes, which settings work good for you?

Delay of 100ms should work.
If not, try 125ms and so on

Hi, i have 6 Philips hue GU10 White Ambiance BT lights in a groupe.
When the lights are in a group in the flow card under dim to the duration is not available.
When I select a single light without te group app this option is available.
Hope there is a fix, now the light jump instantly two another dim level.


I think that’s not possible for now.
I use the Chronograph app for transitions for any light or group of lights.

U can set the nr. of steps & transitiontime as u wish
In these example flows the light dims from 0 to 100 in 7 steps during 1 hour

Thanks for your answer
What I actually mean is for creating a smooth transition between dim levels.
This is also discussed around post 130. When my lights are for example at 80% en I dim them to 20% (movie time) they jump to 20% instantly, because I cannot set the duration in the groupe flow card, and its set standard to 0 sec with the hue lights. In the dim level flow card of the lamp by themselves this is possible, for example 4 sec the lights go from 80% to 20% smooth in 4 sec.

Hope there is a fix, otherwise the dim function in a groupe is practical unusable.

I know and understand what you mean.

As far as I know, it is a Hue only option to set the dim duration in the action card, correct me if I’m wrong.
This is why i explained the transitions trick with chronograph. Instead of a wake-up light, you can set it to dim from A to B in 20 steps during 4 seconds. Just how you would like it.

I have made a simple test but I can’t get it to work, lights do nothing.

Am I doing something wrong?

After reinstalling the Chronograph app the flow worked, only still not smooth no matter how many steps you set. The Chronograph app can only handle 1 or 2 steps a sec.
It’s to bad that the philips hue light jump instantly to another dim level, I have some cheap lidl lights they go by default in a smooth way to another dim level they work good in the groupe app. Maybe the duration function for philips hue can be implemented by the developer.

I tested too, but as you say, it is not working very smooth for short timings.
My kaku and tuya lights turn on smoothly by thenselves like the Lidl ones.
You could drop the dev a note for a Hue lights smooth on / -off function

@Peter_Ernst I came along an interesting app, Splines | Homey
This might be of use…

Provides a UI to create Splines and integrate them in your Flows

Splines are two dimensional functions that can be very helpful for your home automation with Homey. Basically you can assign Y values (i.e. brightness, volume,…) to an given X value (i.e. time). The spline will then interpolate between these nodes. This app provides an UI that allows you to easily create/edit splines and it’s visual representation and provides some flow cards that you can use in your automations to make use of these splines.


  • Go to the app configuration and click on ‘create’. Give the spline a name and setup it’s boundaries. Bellow you see a visual representation of the spline and you can also add/remove and modify the nodes. Bellow you find the exact values of the nodes.
  • If you would like to control the brightness of your lights trough the day you would setup multiple nodes like that: [0,50], [8,50], [9,100], [17,100] [18,50], [24,50] → this would translate to ‘until 8:00 set a brightness of 50%, until 9:00 gradually fade to 100%’ and so on.
  • Create a trigger flow card ‘Query a spline’ or ‘Query a spline (time based)’ and select the desired spline
  • Create a second flow that used the ‘Query completed’ trigger card which contains the calculated position on the spline to set the brightness of your lights for example


  • automatically apply the brightness or color temperature of your lights during the day
  • fade in/out the volume of your speakers or the brightness of your lights with a custom pattern, i.e. start slowly and accelerate at the end

@Peter_Kawa Thanks for pointing this out.
I have tried the Splines app but the lights don’t follow, I think it’s the same problem as with the Chronograph app. The processing time is somehow to fast. I have run into another problem, I have bought a google nest hub when adjusting the dim level on the hub the lights also jump instantly to another level (without the groupe app). This is because the google hub sets the dim slider in the homey app Philips hue, without the bridge, the slider set the dim level instantly without any smoothness. I’m starting to think the only way is a hue bridge, I was hoping homey could do it all, one sigbee network not 2 and just one hub.

I think Homey isn’t designed for lightshows, but a smooth 4 sec start for lights isn’t to much to ask imho. It is what it is I guess.

That’s not right. It’s also possible with Innr lamps via the Innr App and with a Sunricher LED Controller via the EasyLighting App.
And I guess there are a lot more apps which support this feature.

Thanks! Good to know there’s more gear with this option!
I adjusted my post.

So my apologies, I should write:
As far as I know [my message]. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Because I don"t have all the gear and the knowledge of their functionality :wink:


Hi and thanks for a great app!
I’m grouping a couple of electrical heaters and noticed that the power consumption reported under Energy in the Homey app doubles as a result. Any ideas on how to avoid that?


Hi Peter, sorry I contacted Athom about this issue but they were unable to help out here.

If we can ever fix this issue I’ll jump on it.


Thank you for a quick reply @Jamie!
Maybe it could be a possibility to add an option to register a group as a cumulative energy device? That should (at least in theory :slight_smile:) make the group an energy meter instead of at device that consumes energy.

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Wow, thanks for that I wasn’t aware that it had been added. I’ll check it out

No problem :slight_smile: Not sure that it works completely as intended though. I have a Shelly 3EM that I have installed in a “sub-zone” in my house and it only reports power consumption on the top-level of my home, not in the zone I expect it to report to…