[APP][Pro] < group > (2.5.3 - Stable)

I understand you were surprised by this issue which doesn’t occur when things just runs fine.
And because a single sensor doesn’t report an alert followed by an “all fine” signal after a app crash or reboot, and the < group > app does as we have discovered.
To me this is a bug, or a feature which can’t be enabled/disabled.

An alternative way is using the native “devices” trigger card…
Then you’ll need just 2 flows.

  1. If device type is sensor and ‘sensor type’ is movement alert
  2. If device type is sensor and ‘sensor type’ is contact alert

@Peter_Kawa, the limitation of the ‘All Devices’ card is that it only works with all devices which support a specific trigger (Globaly or in a specific zone)

I don’t get it, b/c this is exactly what Heimdall accomplishes, so you can use one flow for arming your alarm monitoring all your sensors

We don’t understand eachother, so I’ll quit. Nothing personal!
Good luck finding a solution.

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Is it possible to add changing a group of lights to a (random) color over a period of time…?

Probably yes, you can change the hue for the group of lights.
With the app Chronograph you can create transitions.

And maybe the app called Spline is interesting for you.

To set it to random colours, you can create a logics Var, type string, and enter this as text:
Everytime you call this variable in an actioncard, it returns a random number between 1 and 100

But on the (INNR) lights, there’s a default to do the transition. I was wondering if it can be integrated as an option in the app.

The group app, does not define options - it simply forwards comands directly to the device.

As not all ‘devices’ have the option to transition - I would have to keep track of all possible device (50,000+?) and whether that option is available.

So - this isn’t something the group app will have added.

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Is the “check” necessary or would it just not work when someone tries to use a transition while it’s not an option of the device?

I think a ‘check’ is a good idea, to prevent lots of users complaining their lights of brand X don’t do what they expected them to do. I think :wink:

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Hi all,
first of all thanks for such a great app. I have one little problem. When I put devices to group (f.e. lights) there is a little delay of about 1s. (grouped lights vs ungrouped lights) It is normal? Turning on lights approximately lasts 2s with lights in a group it is about 3s which is not so good. Thanks for the answer. Jakub

Hi @Jamie i want to group my Neo Coolcam window/door sensors.

I have installed the group app, when i click on add devices > group > alarm > contact alarm > i see my sensors, when i select one or more sensors (for making the group) and press next, i receive the message, class not found? Group is not created…

I hope you can assist me?



Hi try this instead:
add devices > group > sensor > contact alarm
You have to pick ‘sensor’ instead of ‘alarm’ :+1:

Hi Peter,
Thanks, it works!! :smiley:

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Hello @Jamie,
I have paired 2 roller shutters from fibaro and they are dimable. I was also able to control the shutters with the slider in the app, i.e. setting to~ 40%. But if i want to group the roller shutter in the “group” app, then these devices arenot offered for selection under “dim level”. the device only appears for selection under “window coverings set”.

does anyone know why it doesn’t appear under dim level?

Hint: group version v2.4.304

More Details:


Hi @Jamie
Is it possible to add the alarm_offline sensor capability?
I know it is a custom capab. It is from the Net Scan app, brought back to life by @Adrian_Rockall.
It would be great to be able to group all ping devices to monitor and show the status with one < group > device.

Tia and cheers,

@Jamie It seems the Delay setting does not take effect until the app or Homey is restarted. Also the description in the app says the delay is in ‘microseconds’ but it seems it is actually ‘milliseconds’.

I’ll have to check it out, next time I update. It’s been a while since I’ve used any of the delay settings

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Can you please add more icons? I would like to use a group of lamps as icon. Thanks!