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To do:

  • [Feature Request] implement Unkown flows in start flow cards - TO DO
  • [Feature Request] implement Unused logic variables
  • [Feature Request] implement Unused flows

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to disable notifications
A1: Go to the app settings and un-tick the notification settings

Q2: I got a rate_limit error
A1: In this case you got too many flows which are reporting a status. This happens only on the first load of the app. After that the app only report single flow issues. Once the list with flows is made. To get rid of the rate_limit issue you have to restart your Homey or wait for a couple of Hours. This is limitation in the Homey codebase


@Undertaker currently in test by Athom. So not available yet

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I guess this app is based on the script recently shared? Great work! Much more user friendly! When available I’ll replace the scrips :ok_hand::ok_hand:

@Martijn_Hoogenbosch Yes you’re right.
Only this app reports single flows. so you don’t have the whole list with flows in your time line :slight_smile:

Will make some improvements to the flow cards etc

Edit: I think you were referring to this topic? How-to: Automatisch opsporen van 'broken' en uitgeschakelde flows

Yes I am, I thought it was yours. My apologies! Never the less, having a app to do the dirty work for me is much cleaner.

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App is live :smiley:


New app update (test: 1.0.4.):

  • FIX: language corrections
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Is it OK to report bugs / strange phenomenons here, Martijn?

This flow got disabled by Homey, after I disabled and enabled ONE random picked flow.
Note: on beforehand I was getting lots of messages of flows being set to inactive or active. It should only report the flow I disabled and enabled again, I suppose)

  • Flow:

  • This flow also got disabled, without a notification from Homey.

Note 2:
Similar issues happen with a flow which is triggered by “A device has not reported for X mins”
Those kind of flows got disabled all the time

Aren’t your issues simply caused by Homey’s “flow-is-run-too-often” handling that’s been broken ever since Athom introduced it?

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Correct, Robert, that part is out of Martijns’ hands.
But when I disable one flow only, it should report that particular flow only, not all my disabled flows.


Yes please. This is the place to do that :slight_smile:

There’s a default notification set in the APP to report broken flows. You can disable that if you want to use your own flows. You can do that in the app settings.

Yes it should only report a single broken flow.

If that’s not the case you can send me a diagnostic report. Then I’ll check if it’s working well.

It reports all my already disabled flows, not only the one I just disabled manually.
I tested only the disabled/enabled flow cards.
I’m going to test the broken flow flow cards later on.

Thanks Martijn. No hurries, just testing stuff!
Oh, forgot to mention. I’m using Flow Checker v1.0.4 testversion

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On the first run it does, because it has to setup the database. So can you also try it later to disable/enable flows?

And did you use flows or the default timeline notification from the app?

will check the report

Ah okay. Well I’ve a pretty large set of disabled and broken flows.
I will run the flows then until the database is up-to-date.

Yes I did use flows, see my post above Roberts’ post.
The app itself (without flows) seems to run fine

Apps looks like it’s working correct. But the flows broke after too many tries with triggering flows.

I’m not sure if I create a delay if that will fix the too many tries. With the rate_limited issue. That’s really a Homey limitation

About the duplicate tries I can see that. On startup it started processing every single flow but while doing that the interval check already kicked in causing it to process everything again. This is fixed in the new testversion.

New app update (test: 1.0.6.):

  • FIX: language corrections
  • ADD: German translation (Thanks to @fantross ! )
  • FIX: duplicate notifications on startup @Peter_Kawa

Great app, thx!
Installed it right away!

Thanks @Henk_Renting !