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[APP][Pro] Eufy Security

New app update (live: 2.11.5):


  • FIX: prevent invalid arm mode for Homebase
  • FIX: homebase not setting away mode

CC: @Felho

Also many thanks to you @Felho ! :smiley:

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me thanks your always fast work…

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Will it be possible to get snapshots to Homey when motions has triggered a cam 2? Think it is already possible for doorbell cameras?

Hey @Peter_Stark ,
Yes that works for every camera.
Make sure notifications are enabled and also the Security mode is enabled for notifications.

See FAQ Q1
[APP] Eufy Security - #4 by martijnpoppen

Hi @martijnpoppen ,
Most likely you already noticed the comment in the other thread, but taking the conversation here to keep the community organized :wink:
I realize that the Eufy security panel already works with the app and Homey, but this thread got me curious.
Would there be any chance that you could look into the Heimdall API so the panel could work with Heimdall on a more advanced level?
This would open up for user managed and 2-way communication to the panel which looks pretty cool.
Looking forward to your first thoughts. :grin:

But I do have to create a flow to get a push notification from Homey app in My Ios device? I see that the picture got updated when i look into the device in Homey, but i wonder how i can get a push with the picture from the camera:)

Great App!

@Peter_Stark Thanks :smiley:

Yes like this Shared Flow | Homey

That is what i looked for before I wrote here, but the cameras does not show up in list of devices to get the picture from. Maybe Homey need a reboot?

You might want to restart the app first. That should registrer the images again

Hey @MrBlue ,
Thanks for your message.
I read the API docs and it looks really nice.
However there’s one issue.
From Homey we cant control the Eufy Keypad. We can only see that the keypad changed a Security mode and maybe we can see who did it.

So integration with Heimdall seems a bit too much. Currently you can change the Security mode of Heimdall once the Eufy Security mode changed trough the Homebase or Keypad

I think the Ring keypad does have the control from Homey and a therefore you can have a full integration.

If you have any different thoughts let me know :slight_smile:

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Thanks for looking into it!
Currently I don’t (yet) own a Eufy panel, but a fairly ‘dumb’ panel with a Fibaro Smart Implant connected, so I can’t really tell whether more would be possible with Eufy.
The user mgmt capabilities still sound quite nice though (missing that in my current setup) l, and would really make me consider purchasing a Eufy panel.

Yeah I’m thinking now if I can extract the name of the user from the notification.
I think that’s possible and would even work when you change modes with the app.

Then you could have a token in your flow to check the name.

I was thinking of buying a Eufy Keypad, but didn’t see the advantage :stuck_out_tongue:
I use smart presence and based on that I know who is Home or not. To override it I have a aqara button which you need to press in a sequence and that will disable the alarm.

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@martijnpoppen @MrBlue the Ring Keypad is indeed directly connected (through Z-Wave) to Homey and controlable in the same way as it would be when connected to the Ring Alarm system. I haven’t read the whole post but I guess the Eufy panel isn’t connected directly to Homey but via a hub, am I correct? If so, I wonder what technologie is used for the connection between the hub and the panel?

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@DaneedeKruyff Yes that’s correct. In case of the keypad I’m not sure. I guess it’s a P2P connection. The same as for all the camera’s.

The keypad doesn’t have any commands I can send to it.

Eufy works in a way that when a notification is send. Homey intercepts that and acts on it.
So in case of the keypad the Eufy Hub sends a notification like Security Mode change to Away. In Homey the security mode will be changed at that point.

So there’s no way to control the keypad.

I think with the current functionality it’s already possible to connect with Heimdall, but it’s not that nice as the Ring keypad.

Something like this: Gedeelde Flow | Homey (sorry I don’t use Heimdall :see_no_evil: )

Rebooting the app helped.

Another question… Is it possible to turn off the push from Eufy iOS-app that come everytime Homey switches arm mode?
I have tried to turn it off in the Home base notification meny, but after a while it is turned on again… Thinking that it must be the Eufy-app in Homey that changes the settings of notifications from the Home base?

Sorry for asking many questions :s

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@Peter_Stark no problem for asking questions!

Yes I force those notifications otherwise Homey cannot Read the selected Security mode.

2 things you can do:

Such a flow could indeed be used to change the Surveillance Mode in Heimdall. To bad there is no way to ‘talk back’ to the Eufy panel.

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@martijnpoppen, Hi Martijn, I can’t see my Eufy Outdoor Cam when I add a device. I made an extra Eufy login (without 2FA) and it works when I log in there. I have logged in to the Eufy Homey app and that seems to have gone well. Then I want to add my camera, but that doesn’t work. Get the message No device found. What am I doing wrong?

Hey @LX001
Did you share the device with your extra account?

If you did that and it doesn’t work you can share a diagnostic report with me. Might be that I need to include an serial number for the outdoor cam. :slight_smile:

Diagnostic report you can do via:

More - Apps - Eufy Security - Settings wheel right top - send diagnostic report