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I can add more timings. But it expects a time. But i’ll set options for some hours

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Hey Martijn, any way to use the homebase alarm as a siren in other flows? So when other sensors detect motion that could trigger the siren in the homebase? (or is that already possible and i’m overlooking it lol)

@Chris_nl https://homey.app/f/UmYFVC

I don’t have that option… only the Arm mode

You are on the test version of the app?
If you are restart the app. The app checks on restart for new functions.

Yeah, just installed that, like 20 minutes ago, will try a restart, see if that helps

works now, restart did the trick :+1:

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I have a number of Eufy cams inside and outside.
The outside cams have detection on and homey will push notifications when detection triggers. The inside cams have detection off, as we walk in the area all the time.

We have a flow that knows when we leavevthe house, by activating a sensor.

What I want is that the flow will activate ‘detection’ mode on the indoor cams, when triggered by the sensor. I can only selec RECORD, not the detection setting as such.

Any idea?


Which cams do you have?

I think you’re talking About the record option inside the Eufy Security modes?
It should have a push notification option. Unless motion detection is turned off for that camera.

See my indoor cam p&t:

Hi Martijn,

the homey push, on detection, works fine.

But detection is default off with the indoor cams. The question is whether I can set detection on. (as in the Eufy security app) by a Homey flow command. Currently, this toggle or switch is not in the Eufy app for homey.

@Thomas_Eekels yeah exactly.
So the Idea is that you enable motion in the official Eufy app and switch that with the Security mode via Homey. So use disarmed OR notification off when you dont want detection.

Because the detection mode consists of multiple parameters, it’s not that easy to Just have one flow card to enable/disable this.

It is not that easy? ahhh. (Jammer).

In the Eufy security app it is just one slider on each camera (bewegingsdetectie slider).
All other parameters could be left as configured in the Eufy app.

It is just the detection on / detection off slider that I would like to set from Homey.

@Thomas_Eekels I understand. But you can do that via Security modes. Thats why eufy has the Security modes.

So when you disable notifications on a Security mode. The detection Will be off.

correct, however: security modes can be switched by Homey for the Homebase-2 connected outdoor cams.
Unfortunately, the indoor (pan & Tilt) cams are not connected to homebase-2. Their security modes must be individually switched in the Eufy app. Mode switching is not in Homey for those…


The mode switiching for the indoor cams are at the cams itself.

New app update (test: 2.4.2 ):


  • FIX: add Homebase trigger alarm ON with a duration - (changed to input field) - @Heula
  • FIX: quickresponse for wired doorbell - (@Rens_Hoekema)

Please note that the previous test version had a prefilled flowcard for the Homebase alarm. That doesn’t work anymore. Updated to the input field.

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@Rens_Hoekema can you restart the app and try again?
Somehow it cannot find your camera

@martijnpoppen done, same result

Can you send an diagnostic report? @Rens_Hoekema

@martijnpoppen done