[APP][Pro] ELKO Smart

Don’t know… I didn’t do anything special to achieve stable connections. After the initial troubles gjetting them connected, it has just been stable… Have 46 zigbee units, so they go trough 2-3 routers each.

The problem with the insights energy graph “out of control” seems to be related to periods with zero usage. I changed the flow from 0% to 1% in expensive hours (which it was three hours yesterday evening), and the graph did behave. So it must be something wrong with the calculation when there is a 0 involved, I guess.


Was just wondering if you have plans for making the app available for the Homey and not only Homey Pro?

Kind Regards

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Great work with the app!

I would also like support for smart pir dimmer. Will this be available soon?

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I try again. Am I the only one with issues after Homey update to 7.4.1? I lost contact with all my smart switches and dimmers from Elko. And I have not been able to connect them again. I have tried to reset the dimmers, cut the power for them (turning off mcb) and more. Nothing helps…
When I try to connect, it seems that it recognizes that I am about to connect, but in the end the connection is lost and connection fails.

Anyone have any tips?

Restart the Elko app itself. Works every time.

Have tried to restart Elko app, and homey and everything. Nothing has helped, until today.

Woke up to a new homey update 7.4.2, tried to connect again and now it works!