[APP][Pro] ELKO Smart

Will there be support for the ELKO SMART Røykvarsler?

Which channel is your Zigbee network on?

Channel 11

Same error here, Elko SmartDim vri Multi Wire Plus SO on the Homey Pro 2023

I’ve got three of these new smart thermostats. The old one “Super TR” is now end of life.

Here are some useful tips for reconnecting your existing Elko Smart devices to the new Homey Pro 2023. As you all probably know, even if you have a backup of your old Homey Pro, you will need to reconnect all Zigbee devices. This is fairly tedious, but at least the flows remain.


  1. RESET. Some Elko devices required a reset first (see list below). This was done by clicking the setup/reset button three times (<0,5 s) and then holding the button for about 10 seconds until you see a red light. You will see a green light flash once during this process, but wait until you see the red light.
  2. REPAIR. In the Homey app, find your device, click and hold the device widget for 0,5 s. Go to the first on/off view, and click Repair. Follow instructions.
  3. CONNECT. Follow the device procedure below.
  4. Click REPAIR again and follow instructions. The first attempt consistently failed/timed out. I always had to try a second time for it to actually reconnect. It is much faster the second time. There is no need to do step 3 (connect) again if you do it immediately after it fails.

Device procedure:

These are my smart Elko devices and how I connected them:
13x Elko ESH 316GLED – for adding this one you simply press and hold the dimmer button and reset button until you see the green light flashing. No need to reset first.
4x Elko SmartDim Puck Uni 200W – you will need to reset this device first, then connect by pressing the setup/reset button three times (<0,5 s).
2x Elko 4-button SmartBryter – you will need to reset this device first, then connect by pressing button 1 (typically top right) three times (<0,5 s). The red light goes off, but it is still in connect mode.
3x Elko SmartThermostat (dot matrix) – this unit is unfortunately not yet supported by the Elko app.

I hope this helps anyone.

Hi, we need support for the new Elko Plus thermostat, as the Super TR RF has reached end of life. Also, the TR RF is prone to fail, making replacement more urgent and hard to plan for. Could someone look into this? That would much appreciated. I have two thermostats that needs replacing right now, just waiting for the third to fail. Bit of topic - does anyone know of an alternative ZigBee thermostat that has regulator mode? I need to run regulator mode to sync three circuits of floor heating to the same temperature sensor in a large room.



For some strange reason one of my elko pucs turn on/off when I turn on/off a different dimmer.
I dont have any flow doing this. Have someone else experienced this?

I have been trying to include the SmartPir Switch to my Homey 2019. But no luck. Is it supposed to work?
Running Elko v1.1.16 and 8.1.4 on the Homey.


Using Homey Pro 2023.
I want to be able to dim lights from two different places, by using one dimmer as “master” and the other one as “slave” so that one dimmer operates the other one (only one dimmer is connected to ligths). I am using ELKO - SmartDim vri Multi Wire for both dimmers.

Can you create flow cards so that when turning wheel the dimming the light dims down, and when the wheel is turning to the right the light dims up?