[APP][Pro] ELKO Smart

I have tested and everything seems to be working very good. Again a big thanks.

Could I be so bold to make a change request?

It would be nice til be able to chose “Status Indicator” and be able to chose Regulator%/ Floor temp/ other… This option is not available at this moment,

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Hi Pål! Any chance you will support Homey Bridge?

At this point no since there is a yearly fee for the developer. The day ELKO takes over the control of the app I would think there will be Bridge support. :slight_smile:

So you want to see the Regulator % on the sensor page? And have the possibility to choose what is presented on the sensor page regarding air, floor or both?

Yes, see picture

En issue med oppdatering av faktisk temp etter oppdateringen :grinning:
Temperaturen er fryst og oppdaterer seg ikke, se ulik temp på bildene
«Nåværende temperatur» endrer seg ikke

Jeg har sett det og rettet til neste oppdatering :slight_smile:

Et par andre bugs jeg jobber med så legger jeg ut :slight_smile:

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Ok, understood. Is there a plan for ELKO taking over the app?

Hi. Will this app support Elko Smart Tags in the near future?


If you have to remove a device and add it again you can repair the flows with this script from @martijnpoppen
It saves lots of hours.

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Thanks, but I don’t need it now that Pål has made the changes he did. I will try remember this if I need it later. :slight_smile:

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@Mareno I have seen that he made it work without remove and add the device.
I only let you now that there is a easy script that saves a lot of time if you need it.

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Hi. Any plans to add support “smart solskjerming bryter”/markise?

Last product before I can get rid of the Elko Smart Hub :slight_smile:

Anyway, very pleased with the app. Thanks for the good work.

Hi! I have them both. But have not really been working with the app for a long time. Now just made some improvements, but I’ll look into it next time I have some spare time and feel inspired! :smiley:


Hei! Jeg har har problemer med alle Elko-enhetene mine i det siste, og nå har de sluttet fullstendig å fungere og står bare å «loader» som på bildet over.
Jeg klarer ikke å få bukt med problemet. Er det flere som har opplevde det, og eventuelt har en løsning?

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Hello, the power meter is kalkulering the hold time, also when the heating is off. What can i do that i can see only the kalkulatet power when is using elektricity?

So, to use Smart Pir Dimmer or Swith I will need to use the Schneider Wiser app?

No, just use the test version of the app