[APP][Pro] Easee charger

Saw your diag report but my reply bounced (pretty common problem).
You seem to have set your max charger current to 0. The dynamic charger current is set to the min value of your passed dynamic current value and max charger current. As the docs say, you should ideally never touch the max charger current value.

My max charger current is set at 12a. I think that it maybe is a third party app that is causing the problem her.

I had some issues with the Easee charger but also found out that I can’t set states anymore on the charger and need to work with enable / disable.

When I plug in my car it will immediately start charging, what have you done to stop charging when a car is plugged in? Apparently, this flow (based on the electricity rates) doesn’t work anymore:

This is a general “problem” and one we have discussed quite a few times over the past months. Nothing is changed in this version of the app related to this behaviour. Change access of the charger to locked/key only - this will prevent it from charging when you connect the car. Then use turn on/off when you want to start or stop charging.

Enable/disable of the charger using flows is not recommended, it writes to the flash storage of the charger and might wear it out.

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The device log. Would it be a problem to allow more lines before history is wiped? I guess there is a limit based on number of lines? Piggy adjust the current a lot, I get max 3 hours of history :sweat_smile: