[APP][Pro] Easee charger

The statuses are correct from what I see, 1-6. Don’t think you can expect to see all statuses though, can go from standby to charging without the homey app picking up potential statuses between.

Okay. That is also my experience.

If Charger Current is limited, or charging is scheduled in the car to charge at another time - I get these statuses. But as you say - Homey doesn’t report ever status if no restrictions are set.

Hi @Richard_B , I sent you 5bec6dec-f598-480f-b1c2-76b55228fdbb, I wonder if it’s possible to catch error “Over current detected” ? It happens like 1x per 2 months but even I have condition “State changed, contain error” it hasn’t been triggered…maybe API do not report such condition?

correction it detects error, but reports just error - eg. not type of error… not sure if it’s possible to include type of error as well
Thank you.

Great! managed to do it from there :slight_smile:

Made a redneck solution in the meantime :smiley:

Hi Richard, noticed today that the variable in homey do not update when Direct circuit current is changed. Here DCC in reality is 25A, but insight did not catch that. It is presented as 1A

It appear to be about one hour delayed

@Richard_B , was this fixed in 1.6.1? If so, I will update from 1.6.0


Is it possible to get it to tag/trigger using the smart button enabled/disabled?


im receiving error: Access Token Expired: 401

how can i fix it?


I have restarted and reconnect the app, now I can see that it’s working.

Correct, this is per logic in app today (we had a dialogue on github). I have gotten wind of a new API endpoint so I should be able to solve this. Testing other changes related to the new Homey Pro right now.

Not sure I follow what you mean, can you describe your scenario with some more words

See @Sharkys replied :+1:
The app automatically renews the token when it becomes old. But, if Easee has some problem at that time, or there is a network connectivity problem, then there is no retry currently. An area for improvement.

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