[APP][Pro][Development] VAG Connect --- (We Connect / myAudi / MyŠKODA / My SEAT)

Hi Martijn! Ik ben nieuw met homey en weet niet of je aan moet melden voor testen e.d. Ik wil graag de volkswagen app gaan gebruiken met mijn e-up! Hoor het graag van je.

Hi @Bono_van_der_Pasch
No there’s no way to sign up for testing the app.
But I have to request a test link for every update I make. So the people who got the link in the beginning have auto updates. But currently no url available.

and also :point_down:

Oh and please keep this thread in english so everybody can read along :slight_smile:

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I wait for the app. Thanks for your fast response!

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@martijnpoppen it’s working quite well a.t.m. for me. No issues, at least not with the triggers and updates I’m using:

  • charging state
  • plug state
    (and some other, mileage)
    Car is in 2min update interval

I had one “issue” where these 2 states came in at the same moment (by coincidence exactly at 12:00:00), but in the wrong order. Because of that my flows did not correctly start charging. I cannot recall exactly what was the issue (I mean why the updates where in the wrong order) but I’ll keep a check on it

Is that something you can influence? Say f.e. that normally you always want charging state to be updated after plug state, can you delay the update of one status in the homey app if both are received, even for just one sec or so?

@zakraket good to hear!
I spotted a small update issue for my own car, so will check that.

For the order of the updates, I can influence that.
The order for your car can be found here: (audi-hybrid line 173)

I can make a change in the order there, and make sure there’s a timeout between each setting.

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Hi Martijn

The next thing I run into is start/stop climate control, no response from the car, but the car does respond to start/stop charging. Is vehicle at home no notification. Remaining loading time is still 4500 minutes, see screenshot.

100% 75% 50% Screenshot_20220507-164251
When charging, the range sometimes changes and other times it doesn’t. After restarting the app I do get the range data.


I’ll get back to that if the same situation appears again

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@martijnpoppen when I am at the shopping center that is 650m crow-fly distance from my house the car is already reporting I am parked at home. Not a big problem but while you are looking for improvements this might be one to make the at home circle a bit smaller or even adjustable if possible

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@Ben Yes will look in to it. Working on ID and E-tron cars too. Enyaq is in the same range :slight_smile:

@Bug Yeah good one.
Right now I check with haversine the distance between your car and Homey and if that’s within 1km.
Will add it on the nice to haves list :smiley:

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my car values did not updated - after a restart of the vag app, the current values are there…

Will look into it. Have the same issue with my car at the moment

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thx @martijnpoppen

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@martijnpoppen I think the issue was that the chargeplug state was updated after the charging state was updated.

I’m checking to see if my car needs to be charged, so I check the conditions:

  • not charging
  • chargeplug connected
  • and variable “ShouldCharge” = true
  • start charging

It’s safe to say that charging state “true” cannot occur without charging plug connected being “true”, so if charging state is updated, but charging plug not for some reason (or updated later, in my case 2 minutes)

I seem to always get them in this order:
1- charging state
2- charging plug connected
although the timestamps are identical

In real life you always first connect the plug, then start charging (or the plug is already connected when charging is started)

I could also lose the condition “charging plug connected” maybe and just ignore that, but then I cannot check for the situation that the car IS connected and NOT charging.

Hi @martijnpoppen , I sent you morning report on eGolf not updating at all for past 5 days, even when driving. Restart of VAG fixed that, just in case it haven’t been reported yet. Thank you

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Hi guys, small update; as you probably noticed no updates last week. Working on the ID/E-tron/Enyaq cars and some fixing for the problems with data updates.
Will probably come next week. Quite busy with my new home :wink: :house_with_garden:


Thx for information and no problem - private things first :wink:

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Hello. Where could i download the app? Will it work with Skoda Superb iV?

Hey @KentSoderlund

The app is almost ready for go live. I’m wrapping up the last bugs and hopefully I can release it.
App is still in development so only a select amount of people have the test url.

However, I’ll probably contact you soon as the Skoda Hybrid is still on the list of unsupported cars :stuck_out_tongue:


@martijnpoppen Still working very good on my side (Audi A3 hybrid). I have a bunch of flows that start/stop charging based on my solarpanels.
They also cancel charging as soon as I plug my car in (it starts charging by default) and there is not enough power during daytime (between sunrise and sunset), and check for solarexpectations the next day to charge the car during night(rates), with the option to cancel this if I don’t need to drive the next day. And I can force charging (starting/stopping) whenever I want to.

The only thing I cannot get to work is to set a certain time at which I want the car to be full based on the remaining charging time, so that I can have the car charge on solar, but automatically force it to be full on the set time.
But that’s a Homey flow challenge, not a problem with this app.

All works great with update setting on 2 mins.

One thing: If I choose batterystatus as the deviceicon, I get a battery that is hardly readable. Is it possible for you to change that to a digital percentage readout? (like fuellevel)

And I think it would be better if - like mentioned earlier - you can force the “chargeplug state” to always update after the “charging state”

edit: managed to create a working ‘force car to charge to be full at configurable “time to leave” set of flows’ using Better Logic