[APP][Pro] Developer Checker

Developer Checker - Get insight in you Homey Apps

Currently in Review for HCS

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Retrieve information from your Homey Apps.
Developer Checker will let you know once a app got a new install…

Current features:

  • Check app install increase
  • Check app install decrease
  • Check specific app installs
  • Check total app installs

Example Flow:

Supported Languages:

  • :uk: English
  • :netherlands: Dutch

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Apps made by @martijnpoppen



Live version and Test version

Live: N/A

To do:

  • Nothing yet

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How to install
A1: Download from Homey Community Store (HCS) :

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Martijn strikes again !
The Master of Tools!


Nice! Btw, did Athom inform about building them a Cloud Checker already?

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Haha no they didn’t

Review rejected by Athom.
API credentials are not valid for this use case.

Installation of this app will be possible with HCS or CLI


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But, well, okay. Installing via CLI is more developer style


Same here. I requested Web API keys but apparently they ay not be used in apps:

Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for requesting a Web API key.

Unfortunately, we cannot give Web API keys to be used in Homey apps. The homey:manager:api permission is the highest level we allow.

Emile Nijssen

Which is weird; why would they allow higher privileges from webpages that are beyond their control, but disallow them from Homey apps which they review themselves before approving them :thinking:

@Le_Cactus Yeah I agree.
I only use the webapi to fetch the developer’s app list. So pretty straightforward. But for this app it’s not a real problem to install via CLI. Because it’s a developers app anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

What is beyond their control? Could you name something?

I think these two ways, Jeroen:

I mean that a website doesn’t have to be reviewed by Athom, while apps do.


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Athom doesn’t trust app developers, and never have. They don’t seem to really think about the inconsistencies of their policies.

After the request for API keys it’s not possible anymore to fetch the developers data with the localhost keys (https://api.developer.homey.app/). Probably they fixed the permissions

Checking if I can fix it. Otherwise will retract this app. :confused:

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Weird, so no-one can’t test their new app anylonger, before they actually received a dedicated api key? (which is sent soon™ )

No so I used the web API Keys to get to the developer portal.
That’s patched. But the webapi still works with these Keys

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