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[APP][Pro] deCONZ

yes that’s possible

If you want to do this with a flow, you would need to add an app to add http put json commands. the command would be:


With a value of :slight_smile:

{ “duration” : 60 }

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@MadMonkey tnx for vibra additional options! Installing test now.

thx for adding the stop function in flows for blinds

still not work in 1.29.0 with error “http is not defined”

Hi everyone,
I’m considering to move all my zigbee devices to deCONZ and still use them with Homey, since using them directly with Homey is giving me some big issues (posted here).
While I still have to find an official compatibility device list I tried to add a device from the deCONZ Homey app to see the supported devices, and I can’t find some of the ones I’m using:

Does anyone has some experience with them?
I think that regular power plug or wall switch if compatible with deCONZ will be compatible its Homey app if added as generic device of the relative category (I think), but smart bulb or power metering plug should lose the capability of changing color temperature and report the consume, right?

Thank you in advace for any help

I can confirm that everything from Osram and Tradfri run without any problems via deConz.
It depends on the individual component which options are available. Below is an example of a Hue Color via deConz.

The bulbs can be dimmed. Alternatively, you can integrate the lighting via a Hue Bridge Gen. 2, then all functions are retained.

Hue E27 white & color

Thank you for the answer using the Hue Bridge can be a solution but I’ll have to use something to run deCONZ and a HUE Bridge jus to make zigbee run properly on Homey :sweat_smile:
Are you adding those devices as generic ones through the Homey deCONZ app?

Personally, I have deConz and two Hue Bridges on Homey at the same time. There are apps for both bridges that import all devices connected to deConz or Hue into Homey. In deConz, all plugs and bulbs are taught in as generic devices. However, there are some devices that are specifically taught-in. As an example, lots of sensors and switches. For example, Tuya thermostats can even be trained. You make a good decision, deConz is the better Homey Zigbee.

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I have a spare raspberry 3 b+, I’m considering to try to buy a ConBee II usb stick and try to pair one device for each type to see how the integration works. Since actually I only have few smart bulbs (4 in total) a solution could be to move the big part of my network to deConz and leave the not fully compatible ones directly connected to Homey.
Little OT regarding the Hue Bridge is there a device limit?

I believe it’s 50 devices.

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Thanks for fixing it.


i saw that the github repo of this app GitHub - MadMonkey87/HomeyCONZ: deCONZ app for Athom Homey smart home controller was archived. This repository has been archived by the owner. It is now read-only.
From the homey app page the issues link doesnt work either.

is there an new repo? or something else going on?

Possibly a new repository that is set to private?

My conbee II is just arrived :sob:

Hmm the app page is gone too. Trouble between the developer and Athom again?

@Sk8er000 it’s still available from the community app store.

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We’re talking about the Homey app, though.

Great! I didn’t even know it’s existence, I’ll look how to use it immediately, thank you!

Ahh :slight_smile:

That’s version 1.8.0 pretty old I believe. It’s better than nothing I guess.

@MadMonkey could you enlighten us with the current status?

Lekker dan…

sigh this is not good, although I understand MadMonkeys position.

I was really happy weith deconz, as it solved most of my Zigbee problems.