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If you absolutely need the display of the movement, you can integrate the movement detector into a group. You can also do this with a single motion detector. The group’s tile shows the movement.

Given the fact that it used to work as expected (and still does for all previously added sensors), I hope there will be a bug fix soon, maybe by Athom: Alert State not shown on widgets · Issue #189 · athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues · GitHub! :slight_smile:

Can anyone tell me if this device is compatible with Homey/DeConz?

“Tuya Zigbee Wireless Scene Switch Light Switch 4 Gangs On Off Wall Push Button”

It should be supported by the generic driver. If you wan’t a dedicated driver please create a github issue!

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Short update on the issue where the alert state of motion and door sensors are not shown on the widget: this is indeed a Homey issue and will be fixed by Athom, see Alert State not shown on widgets · Issue #189 · athombv/homey-apps-sdk-issues · GitHub


So, I just received the 4 switch Tuya switch… Sadly Deconz won’t detect it when I try to pair it… But the weirdest problem… the switch turns on EVERY smart plug (innr / Ikea) in the house when I press a button ??? so weird…

Maybe head over to the deconz community? Btw: most likely your device is actually in the network but not fully embedded in the api or phoscon. Also it is possible that the device is in the same zigbee group as your sockets which might explain this behaviour

Yes, it turned out it is detected as a light / dimmer even though it said it did not detect anything (see the thread I linked to). Not sure how to handle this but Robert is helpful over there.

Has anyone else recently noticed an issues with Deconz with bulbs turning on spontaneously? Over the last 2 weeks, I had 2 occasions where an Aqara bulb turned unexpectedly by itself during the night (not a flow, so not triggered by a motion detector) . One of those cases was a bulb in one of the kids’ room, which was obviosuly a bit of an issue.

I’m running the latest Docker (2.11 beta) on my Synology NAS. Not sure if this was somehow caused by the Bulb itself, Conbee/deConz, HomeyCONZ or Homey itself. Looking at the bulb history it seems to indicate “Turned on - by deCONZ”. Turning it on/off using deCONZ or Phoscon does not show up in the Homey history so it looks likely that Homey is involved somehow.

Can’t say I recognize it, thank God😂 sound annoying. I have seen the turned on by a number of times but with fibaro. Don’t know what it means. I guess they are indirect flows

Sadly this app does not seem to support all the devices that deconz supports.
E.g., I can connect Osram Motion sensors to deconz (which Homey itself does not support for some unknown reason). But I cannot add them to Homey via deconz either.

Did you read the starting post of this thread? I guess not, because if you did you would have read the following:

Note: there are specific drivers and generic drivers. If your device is listed explicitly use that driver or use the generic driver (and request device support!)

I do not see any generic driver for motion detectors when adding a device via deconz.
So, what should I choose then?

The missing support for Osram Motion detectors in Homey itself has been mentioned many times already. Requesting support yet again sounds redundant to me.

Update: Support even told me that it makes little sense to request support for certain devices because the road map is already quite packed.

Support? Support of what?

I wasn’t sure if I should reply to you or not, but maybe you should try to understand a bit better how this works. This is the community and not Athom and the app here (and others) are developed by independend developers for free. I can only suggest you to read into stuff and understand it before posting anything here or elsewhere. I’d be happy to support the device and if you read the descriptions here you can find out yourself how this works.


Thanks for the clarification.

From the user perspective it’s not obvious what is Homey’s domain and what is in the hands of some 3rd party supporter.
I’m used to the way Home Assistant is handling things and there anything added to deconz is automatically available in Home Assistant. So, my conclusion was, that this was deliberately not made available by Homey for some reason.

Devices known in deconz must have a device in the deconz app in homey (or should work with a generic device as mentioned before), @MadMonkey is a community developer and has nothing to do with athom. So again: it is better to read what to do. There is no one deliberately trying to obstruct you of any kind, it is just the way it works. There must be a reason you have moved away from ha to something else. Please accept things work differently , and I can’t emphasize on this enough, read the first post. On the app page of any specific app you can read the developer, if anything else than athom it means it is developed and (hopefully) maintained by a community developer.

Yes, I have learnt that meanwhile.
Yet, for a new user it’s not intuitivly clear that official apps and 3rd party apps are mixed together and have very different scope and support.

I have not yet moved away from Home Assistant and I’m not sure whether I can even do that.
Homey is lacking some very fundamental functionalities and/or relies heavily on 3rd party developers. This does not look like an upgrade from Home Assistant and thus renders the perceived benefit void for now.

Are you able to use the remote when deCONZ / Phoscon is down?

If you have bindings properly set up, yes. I have an IKEA remote that controls a bunch of IKEA lights; the lights are all grouped and I used Phoscon to create different bindings for different buttons on the remote. I can turn off deCONZ and the remote can still control the lights.