[APP][Pro] Beacon - Detect your presence with BLE beacons

Although I appreciate your answer… I still think this is not how things should be. I don’t have time to check all apps manually to see if they are compatible with Homeys new versions. Homey should SAVE me time! Updates should bring functionality… not take it away. If developers only have the option to update their apps afterwards something is structurally wrong. They can clean up the mess that Athom creates. There shouldn’t be a mess in the first place. Homey still feels like a big experiment. Grow the f#ck up. They advertise apps and/or devices in their newsletters that don’t even work for months on end. Athom is surfing on the wave that the community creates. If, for whatever reason, that wave stops… Homey is dead within 1 month.

Now… lets hope Koktail can create some waves again so we can keep surfing. Nothing but respect for you and your fellow programmers. :fist_right: :fist_left: