[APP][Pro] Arlo - Security Camera

Can you please let me know what you mean by “not working”.

With the changes to 2FA, I won’t be changing / testing / adding new features as I expect that removing and re-adding and testing as I have no way to test with out putting my homey automation at risk of not working.


This is what I get when I try to install the arlo app

Yes, me too after uninstalling and trying to reïnstall.
@Jamie : has it to do with 5.0 rc version of homey ?

Any tips ?

Thanks !

@Jamie Not sure it is of any real help, but it seems Google Home have access to the arlo cameras.
I just recently bought the Homey and chose the Arlos as they can be mounted without wires. Seing this thread, and not being able to connect to the cameras through Homey I went searching for alternative options. And so far I have been able to hook up the cameras to Google Home, and can see the live feed that way just fine. But as there is no real automation there, I am still hoping that you eventually will be given what you need to continue your work here.

Best of luck!

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I’d be also very much interested in Support for the Arlo Q. Still the only PoE Camera from Arlo

FYI, I solved the problem of the non-support of Arlo Q’s with the following solution:

Problem: I want to turn on/arm the cameras when I leave the home (set in Homey) and turn off/disarm when I’m back.


  1. Install a Raspberry Pi (Lite is enough), integrate it into your WiFi and enable ssh
  2. Create an own user (e.g. “arlo”) via useradd
  3. Create an ssh key (ssh-keygen)
  4. Install my command line tool under this new user: GitHub - thomaswitt/arlo-command-line: A command line tool to quickly turn on+arm or turn off+disarm Arlo cameras, e.g. to use on a Raspberry Pi with Smart Home environments. Can be invoked via ssh. Tested with Arlo Q cams. (add your credentials in the script and add the .ssh/authorized_users file with the generated id_rsa.pub). Make sure it runs correct by invoking it from the command line (e.g. arlo-cl.py list)
  5. Install the ssh client app on Homey (SSH Client | Homey)
  6. Configure the ssh client to connect to arlo@pi with the generated id_rsa by adding a ssh client device
  7. Add ssh client to a leaving home flow with the ssh command argument “arm” and to your returning home flow with the ssh command argument “disarm”

Questions and comments welcome.

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Hello. New here. I just wonder… is the app not showing any video live. Can log in and add camera but its not showing anything.

Any compatibility with Homey v5 soon ? :blush:

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Have base 4540 and essentiels camera and babycam.
Cant get Them in homey or the app. Are they not supported?

Homey doesnt supports live video, only snapshots

Sorry no support for other base stations, the app is working for me as is. Which is surprising as I expected it to force 2fa last year.

While normally I would be happy to add new devices, It’s highly likely people will have 2fa enabled and thus it won’t work - or it could mess with my home setup.

Can you make the app work with homey V5 FW? (RC53)

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Homey doesn’t support live video for any camera or only for Arlo ?

HOMEY does not support live video

What about support for v5?

So there is no support to add Arlo Ultra to Homey or did I miss something?

I think this app is no more supported…

App stopped working with v5.0 upgrade and incompatible error. Anyone else getting same?

CC/ @Jamie

Did you read other comments ?

Search fail on my part :frowning: . I hope developer will continue to support.