[App][Pro] Ambient Weather (version 1.0.5)

I have created a new app that brings the Ambient Weather weather stations into Homey.

It is now in the Community Store Homey Community Store and the Homey app store Ambient Weather App for Homey | Homey

After installing the app you can start to add Ambient Weather devices.
The app currently supports:

  • Weather stations that have internet access (tested with the WS-5000),
  • Lightning detectors,
  • PM2.5 sensors,
  • Extra temperature and Humidity sensors (up to 8),
  • Internal Temperature / Humidity / pressure sensor,
  • Soil moisture sensors (up to 8).

Once you have selected the device you want to add you will be prompted for an API key. You need to obtain the API key from your Ambient Weather account (https://ambientweather.net/account). You just need the “User API key” (not a developer key). There is a button to open the Ambient Weather page in a popup window to make it easier to get your key.
Copy the key, close the popup window and paste it into the app then select Next.
You will then see a list of all the selected type of device that you have connected to that API key.
Select the required device(s) and tap on Next and the devices will be added.

Version Log


  • First release.


  • Added a button to the API Key screen that opens the Ambient Weather page where the Key is generated / located. This should make it easier to copy it and then paste it into the wizard when the page is closed.


  • Removed cloud options to pass verification process.


  • Handle crash when PM2.5 goes offline.
  • Setup Diagnostic log Maintenance action on all devices.

1.0.4 & 1.0.5

  • Various changes to images to pass verification process.

1.0.5 is now live in the Homey app store.