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If you have the meross plugs/sockets, integrate that via the original meross skill in alexa. If you can turn the devices on/off with alexa and they will shown correctly in the alexa app than open your homey app. Open the Devices Tab and click on the plus in the right upper corner. Than add a new device with this Homey Alexa app. Go to the bottom, there you will find the device class “smart plug”. Click on it. If this Alexa App is correctly configured it will show you every meross plug you integrated in alexa. Add the plug you want. That’s it… Have fun and enjoy! :wink:

okay, thanks that’s what I do, but he can’t find anything and get me a time out. And take Alexa’s working perfectly

Hi, first of all I’m super happy that I can let Homey speak something on my Alexas.

I have a flow where I take a variable an then let all my Alexas read the text out. Unfortunately that doesn’t work well as only one Alexa is working properly, the other ones don’t. This is random. I guess the app don’t handle parallel text to speech processes. My question would be how I can read out a text to all Alexas and/or a group?

I did the same thing. I own 5 alexa devices and wanted them to blab certain events in the house hroughout the house. I did not get this to work stable. I do not think its a app limitation but a Alexa API limitation. I personally decided to create homey speaks routines in the Alexa app and let those events fire the routine. That works perfectly, almost in sync even.
But that depends on your use case, cause you can not send variable this way :frowning:

@Jamie, just wanted to say that the integration has been working like a charm without any problems for weeks. All my devices are working and the TTS never stopped (EU server with MFA).

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Great app, I used to start Echo to play music in the morning. Worked always well suddenly no reaction. After deletion of the APP and reinstall everything. Now it happend a second time, before homey made a restart (I have routine which let homey restart once a week). I think this was the rot cause. Any idea ?
Update: After a restart of the apps two times it works again.

Same here.

After serval days Alexa and Homey will lose connection again and again. In the app the corresponding dot has an exclamation mark which means it is not connected. A second one is still shown as connected with the same Account. A new connection with the Amazon account in the app has restored the connection. Also a soft reboot of Homey will restore the connection.

I.e. an account renewal or a Homey soft reboot leads to the same result that Homey and Alexa are connected again. If I now assume that a cookie is newly generated by TFA during the account renewal, how can this work without TFA input after a soft reboot? Probably only @Jamie can answer this question.

I don’t get it how you have done this. You have a flow in Homey which triggers Simon says in Alexa app?

no i use the announce activity. it allows you to set a text and then select the devices it should announce to.
the others only speak from the activity set or associated device.

Great app @Jamie.
Apologies if this has already been asked but is it possible to display a picture on a Show (like the cast option on a Google hub)?
I would love to display the image captured by my doorbell on my Show devices so I can see who is at the door without having to ask Alexa to show the front door.

Sorry I don’t know how to do that, is there a third party skill perhaps I can trigger and a routine to enable this?

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It was a bit of a long shot to find out if you had access to something via the API.
I have the Ring skill in Alexa and it can make a announcement when someone is at the door but I have to ask Alexa to “show the front door” to see the live stream. I can’t find a way to automatically show the stream without asking.
With my Google hub, Homey can cast an image that has been captured by the Homey Ring app, so I was hoping there might be a similar action via Alexa. But it seems Amazon haven’t implemented anything like that.
You have made a great app though and I love that I can get Homey to speak through Alexa…

interesting, my show 5 devices do show the ring live stream automatically. ill see if i can find what my settings are

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For me, my show 8 also automatic shows the frontdoor when my ring is pressed. No special settings that i am aware off

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Ok, thanks for heads up, I will investigate further. At the moment mine just say “someone is at the door”. I have the original show, a spot, a show 5 and the new show 2 (I’ve not seen the show 8 so will look into that). And they all do the same.


Hello Jamie,

Thanks for this great app, it works like a charme for me :slight_smile:

I have a question regarding the Condition above, you crossed out the text. What does it mean? We won’t have this condition? Or you’ll develop another equivalent condition?

Thanks again for this app.



It’s not currently available, but it was in the past and I can add it again in the future.

I just feel like it will create more confusion then it’s worth.

Re the ring, it must be a setting somewhere, I have a spot and show.g2 and my ring doesn’t automatically show up. I know of a setting in the Alexa app where you can have Alexa announce when motion is detected, perhaps it’s around there?

Sounds like there is some issue with the app reconnecting to Alexa after a scheduled soft restart, odd as the same token I create should just reconnect…

But I don’t have the power user option enabled for homey and I Don’t Schedule restarts … I would suggest disabling the restart and see if that fixes the issue.

To the person who’s connect only last 10 minutes (sorry on my mobile), how reliable is your internet connection?

Thanks Jamie. I have looked around there and I have the announce options turned on but there are no other settings that I can see. Alexa does tell me someone is at the door but I don’t get the live stream unless I ask for it. Maybe I will try removing the device and the skill and add them back in again just in case it is an update issue.
Anyway, I don’t want to hijack your topic anymore as this has moved away from a request for your app.

All good, let me know if you figure it out … sounds like a cool feature and I want to use it myself.

Hello Jamie, thanks for your update.
It’s just to know which Alexa device is telling something, as I have several devices. That will allow me to create generic Alexa routines, for instance, close / open the shutter, without specifying the name of the room where the shutter is located. And depending on Alexa device, the specific shutter should be closed/opened.

I’m sorry to annoy you.



Just found this app and super excited, so tested it

But first test failed. Just added on Dot (gen3) and set up a test flow to send some speech. Nothing happened.

Restarted the app due to the bugs listed here, tried again, still nothing.
Devices seem to be connected tho

Any ideas?