[APP][Pro] Advanced Virtual Device (Device Capabilities App) with Unique Text Status Indicator

Indeed, just in some case can it been usefull, for instance, when you have a living room device showing all curtains.
Just wanted to let you know you could use percentages als in the units :wink:

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So, using “Show as: sensor”, makes it display 0.45 automatically as 45?

  • EDIT Just tested: No it doesn’t

B/c I still use this to convert it to %


Thanks, so it’s nice to have a choice now:

  1. H.O.O.P. to display a value quickly on a tile
  2. Device Capabilities: Create a virtual device which does and shows everything (if possible) you want.

I created a Homey memory and average load monitor as well:

Last night I was fiddling a bit too much, and Homey got unreachable. That means, too busy to care for the wifi connection

Looking in Insights, Homey’s memory was over 400MB, and system load over 10.
Well, when that’s the case, Homey is allowed to be restarted automatically!

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also nice trick thermostat status schedule or boost. for the text instead of zero I have set the set temperature.


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Nice idea @HuisCHovens ! You can cheat a little by adding "°C " in front of the [mode] tag.

Screenshot from 2022-09-09 00-31-23

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Now in Test: Share Your Device also icludes (if wanted) the custom icons:

Yoiu can choice to include icons in the exported JSON:

And when you import one you can choice to save the custom icons as unused custom-icons!

Have fun Boys & Girls!

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I don’t get it to work yet, Arie :nerd_face: :upside_down_face:

‘Read’ says: Error: o is null

Screenshot from 2022-09-11 22-57-57

Edit: the mobile app seems to have an extended error msg:

Hey Peter,

Could you update to the latest test version and try again?
And if you recieve and error (would be in Web now also), let me know what it says, and share your device.json please, maybe there is something wrong with that?

Sorry about that Peter!

Solved in latest test version.

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It’s live: Share your Device!


Thanks thanks, Arie, it works!

Hey @Peter_Kawa ,

Wanna help me with the Share Your Device, Including Advanced Flows?

Install the newest Test version, create a JSON and PM me the JSON?

Anyone else who can help?

Wanna help me with the Share Your Device, Including Advanced Flows?

Install the newest Test version, create a JSON (select Include Flows) and PM me the JSON?

PM doesn’t allow more than 32000 characters :rofl:

Send you an email.

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Drop the icons and give me one with just one flow?

Dropped the icon, it includes 4 flows, I haven’t got one with only one flow. PM-ed the JSON

Hey Arie, this puzzled me, why do you average the curtains from AVDevice Living Room?
The way I look at it:
When all 4 curtains are at 100% (= opened), and someone sets Woonkamer Gordijn to 50%, Living Room Curtains is going to be set to 350/4=87%

@Peter_Kawa , yes, so when they are all closed, the button will be black, but if one is not closed, the button will be white.
Easy way to see if the are all closed or not.

Please note that Positions are handled as 0 to 1, not 0 to 100.
And note the finishing >0.01 part, making it a true/false condition: when all are closed (well almost 0.01) it is false, thus making the button dark. If one (or more) is open, it makes it white.

Ah I see, it’s about the button status. Yes I’m aware of the 0 to 1 position values. I managed to replicate it and it sets the Y/N button like it should, very nice!

@HuisCHovens Did you manage to import my TEF file?
It still works here, but you’ll have to manually pick the right devicename in every h.o.o.p. flow card.

It works half way. Tag flow cards from advence triggers flow card is not filled in and the device does not change name.
While if you click on test you get
no errors in the flow. I dont see what is missing?

Import works good for device.