[APP] NetAtmo by Athom

You need experimental version - v5 - if you are not aware of all the risk, please wait for official update then.
Btw tested in the morning and it’s working - but only 1st Doorbell button press, when “call” is active, no signal is sent… but even the 1st one is more then enough :wink:

Is there a take snapshots card?

No, too early for that, I guess even the Netatmo API is not final yet for Doorbell.

Does anyone knows please if https://dev.netatmo.com/resources/technical/reference/security/setpersonshome is implemented? Seems to be available in Homes API since 2018.
Together with Presence status would be nice combo faster then recognizing person…

i don’t know if this is already asked.
but I have a Netatmo thermostat and when it comes on to switch on the boiler, I want to run an hourglass and that it stops when the boiler goes out. is that possible of something for the next version ?

Beware - recently I discovered that all my Netatmo Weather station, Anenometer, Rain Gauge got updated values 1 month ago - I was wondering why some flows were not working - luckily Repair function simply helps but it’s a pity there isn’t any safety mechanism which would somehow eg. mark device longer time not updating (I know there is trigger A device hasn’t reported, so maybe I will put that instead).

Yup, for the first time since I have Homey with Netatmo (3.5years now) I had the same this week, no reporting although Netatmo was OK. For 10 hours and my bathroom fan was going nuts since humidity was not right.
App restart did not fix, PTP Homey did fix.

I have (another) issue but I am getting answers within a few hours.

Homey finds my Netatmo doorbell, but when i try to open it i’ve got an error (see pic)
I can make a flow, but that also does nothing.
(I know it is a beta, but any clue maybe ? )

You will not get picture from camera until Netatmo will finish API - so far you can create only flow based on trigger “doorbell has been rang”

Ah ok … i did make a flow (flash one of my hue lights) but it didn’t do anything. I will take another look at it. Thanks

Hi there, dont know if this is the right place but here goes: would it be possible to provide the possibility to enable/dissable the ‘manual boost’ on a smart thermostat?

No, but there is a work around.
I did it by:

  1. Get present set temperature add one (or more degrees if you want to) and store it in a variable.
  2. Set temperature to for instance 15 degrees Celcius.
    (If you have a programm running you can’t set your temp via a variable therefore set temp manualy first.)
  3. Set temp to variable temp after 2 seconds (to make sure this is done last :wink: ).

Anyone here that has got the Netatmo doorbell starting a flow in Homey when someone rings the doorbell ?
Homey finds my doorbell and i can make a flow.
It should blink a hue light in the livingroom. When i test my flow it is working. But nothing happends when someone rings the doorbell.

I know it is a beta, but was hoping it could start a flow.

Yes, without any problem - “When doorbell has been rang” → play sound on Homey… and Google TTS say something. Working like that for …2 months already.

hmm, strange.
I wonder what i 'm doing wrong and why it doesn’t work…

Feature request: I really want to be able to change the “True Temperature” for Netatmo Valve to the more accurate temperature from my Aeotec Multisensor. This is possible to change in the Android app for Netatmo Energy but then I need to do it manually. It would be a really nice feature to let Homey adjust the Valve true temperature automatically :slight_smile:

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Then you should contact the develepor of the directly, in this case athom themself.

How you can read here

On Doorbell integration, some good news are on the way … hopefully Athom is aware :wink:

“The API is finally sending some more useful information in the webhook payload.”

Is it possible to connect the Netatmo Valves to Homey without the relay?