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[App] MCOHome App (v1.4.0)

Just wanted to add my thanks to whoever helped resolve this issue. I just migrated from Indigo to Homey to make the HA system easier for the new owners of my home who were due to come in next week and worried that their scene controllers (MCO Switches) were not working. Really happy that it got sorted. Thanks so much for your work !!!

Thanks all for the confirmation and patience while resolving.

What error message does it show when inclusion fails? I will need to check with Athom to see what the diagnostics report outcome is; inclusion is handled outside app space.

The message is Een onbekende fout is opgetreden.

Is it possible to make MCO more compatibile with homekit? I use thermostats for floor heating, I can change temperature, but mode on/off and so on are not working.

@TedTolboom is that possible to add support for Thermostat MH3901-Z to this app?
I have a couple of this thermostat in my house and would be super grateful if it is possible to get it implemented in the app!
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help get this done.

Anyone knows if two MCO-home switches fit next to each other (i have a double socket and i want two seperate units)

Correct me if i am wrong, base on 86mm McoHome switch:
If your Double gang switch box has only 2 mounting screws hole, you cannot squeeze 2 units of 86mm Mcohome switch. You need to find Double gang switch box that is slightly widely that comes with 4 mounting screws holes.
In my house, I use 2 x single gang switch box side by side with small spacing to fit 2 units of 86mm Mcohome switch.

Any chance of 4-pipe Fan Coil Thermostat MH8-FC4 support?

Any one know how to update our Touch pannel Dimmer in lates 3.3 version , i have installed lot of Dimmer but most if them doesn’t load the parameters, only in version 3.3 firmware was loadup with parameters when adding HC3/HCL
please avice me thanks

With Homey it’s not possible to update the firmware of Z-Wave and Zigbee devices. So you have to exclude the device from Homey, include it to a gateway that can do the firmware update, and then back to Homey. But be aware after that procedure all flows and associations (if used) are broken.

Hello all, would like to kindly ask when the MCO HOME APP for thermostat M7H-WH will be available for Homey Bridge.
If that was already asked apologies. thanks