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[APP] HDL Smartbus

Wow that was quick, really impressed with your turn around time!! Will test it later this evening.

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Hi Andreas. No pressure with that, Im totally satisfied with your current version - it’s really perfect! If you want anything test with thermo units, I can. You can put it to the test and i will try it. Or you can connect to my computer remotelly and we can try everything what you need to know. But I repeat, no pressure… In your free time :slight_smile: It’s only icing on the cake :slight_smile:

The new version based on SDK 3 (Homey >= 5) is now live - hope it is running smoothly for everyone. A new test version is added here HDL SmartBus | Homey for a slight change to Universal Switches, documented here: GitHub - alydersen/hdl-smartbus-homey: Adds support for HDL devices to your Homey. Requires that you have an IP-module, and that its IP-address is at the same network as your Homey.

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Hi Andreas, how are you? Winter is comming… :slight_smile: :dash: :sweat_drops:
What about next development? I have pc with GIT and can try your code on homey (I edited another Daikin app to get better funcionality to my air condition…) so I can give you right feedback from your git versions. Can you save some your time to try it?

And the branch with thermostat - is there something to test?

Thanks for your work!

Would it be possible to get this fantastic HDL Smartbus app ready for the new Homey Bridge ? I do not know what it takes, but would really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hi. I have problems finding dimmers, relays and sensors too, only finding theuniversal switch but it has only 1 button, did jou find any solution to the problem?


I am interested in using the Homey app for a HDL Wireless+Wired system. Is there someone here who has tested it with the wireless IP-gateway, relays and dimmers?

Maybe you get a reaction if you place your issue on github.

I have a question about HDL itself rather than Homey. I have not found an HDL forum but as you are all HDL “experts” thought I would ask here. (hope you don’t mind)

Two of my sensors appear to have stopped working. That is they don’t trigger lights anymore. I can turn the lights on manually and/or via homey so the relays work fine, but neither movement or lack of triggers a change in state. Anyone had these issues or found a way to fix or test to see what is really happening? (or could it be the devices just need replacing?)

Hi HDL guys! I have great news, with my bro we finished support to floor heaters. I just sended our version to @AndreasL. I hope he will review our version and will add it to new version. Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

That is great news @horakamr! Sorry about the lack of response lately - been busy. I’ll take a look at the code

I’ve look into that a bit, but from what I see, there is no support for sending network requests from the new bridge

Just to follow up on the question about wireless systems (and any other requests for stuff): This is an open source project where anybody can contribute, answer and generally have opinions. I’ve opened up the project so that more people can enjoy what changed my HDL installation into something more "modern., But just as you, I have another job which needs my main attention, family, dog, house, cars, etc. If you want to see things happen - make them happen. If you see questions - try to answer them. I’ll still use this project and update the code, but my incentive is my own house - I have no affiliation with HDL or Homey.

@horakamr Did you check out the version I published to test?

Hi Andreas, thank you for remind me this. I tested it now and there is some bugs… Get status of SET semperature is OK - when i change it in HDL, homey show right temperature. Set of temperature doesnot work - when i change it in homey, HDL doesnot change temperature. ON & OFF doesnot work too.


Great integration :wink:

I’ve been using HDL(cabled) for 10 years. It’s working, but Homey brings a new dimension to HDL :wink:

I do also have a floor with HDL wireless. My issue is that when I set up the integration I have to choose what subnet/IF to the logic module.

My wired installation in like and my wireless is
Subnet 200 and 1

So ATM I can’t get both parts integrated into Homey, any solution to that ?