[APP] FlowComments - Simple cards to add comments to flows (v1.0.1)

Yep. I’m definitely interested

Do you want your app in the Homey Community Store?


Send Max a massage.

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As already suggested, put me on your list for testing.

I say … Finally to this one :wink: Can add me also for testing.

Very nice. I’m really interested too!

Thanks for the nice responses.
Good to hear it fills a need!

Still some work todo. Its seems to work fine. But when pressing the test button in the flows the cards get exclamationmarks (error). Figuring out what goes wrong…
(1st time I create an app, so learning on the job)

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Looking forward to test it as soon its going to be available. :love_you_gesture:

TOP and clearly missed so far !!

Great idea, could use something like this as well! I don’t have time for testing, but when the app hits the Homey App store I will download it for sure!

Yeehow, I published my app for testing.
But I do need some help now…

Accoding to the developer guidelines my dashboard should provide a link for testing.

But I do not see a link
Where can I find this link??

Found out the link will be available after 1st screening/approval by athom.
When it is available I will sent a pm to the people in this thread that mentioned they want to test.


Looking forward to that, thanks!

I can test as well if you like

My app is now availble for testing.
You can find it in the homey community store

Be aware:

  • this is not the Athom app store
  • this app is only tested by me, so no other used tested it
  • it is therefore not released in the Athom app store yet
  • Also not reviewed by Athom yet…
    Here’s the link to the app in the store
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Thanks to @MaxvandeLaar the app is now available in the community app store.
(Not in the Athom App store yet…)


I have installed the app, seems to work fine for now. Thanks for this very welcome addition.
In case any issues arise I will report it here.

Installed and will give it a go. Thanks!

Am using it in 3 different flows and have not run into any issue yet.

Still using it without issues.
Just wondering though whether it would be possible to remove fields from the flowcards that are not relevant. See pictures for example:

That annoyes me too :slight_smile:
Its part of the pre-defined flowcard provided by athom.
I did not find any reference in the documentation on this.