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[App] Eurotronic Technology App (Stable: v2.2.0, Test v3.0.1)

Which other you would prefer?

I have no issues with the spirits at all. I have them for 3 years now, working fine, communiation via the app/homey works fine as well. I use one zwave repeater to make sure all spirits can access Homey, also on the second floor.

With almost 1000 app users, I think so yes.
There has been a pretty big bad batch of thermostats which was a hardware issue (going over target temperature), but that has been fixed by Eurotronic, and they offer replacements to whoever has the issue.

Unfortunately, I’ve only had bad experiences.
With the Spirits it depends explicitly on the hardware revisions. As far as I know, there are 4 different revisions to the spirit. Gen 1. The most reliable generation.
Gen 2. completely inoperable. Were exchanged by Eurotronic free of charge. Exactly very flawed. Uncontrolled heating. Gen 3. thermostat hangs up.
Latest generation still a lot of problems.
Most of the problems arise with FLIRS. That makes them quick to react, but very prone to failure. It depends on how often and with which devices they are repeated. You can be lucky or you can be very unlucky. The same bugs are reported in the forums of the competition.
In any case, I would wait until apps support the Zigbee thermostats before buying.

I’ve learned that at least for some devices there is already the possibility to change the status part of the icon and even influence how it can be used in flows (at least for the plug example). The mode would be a really nice addition. Looking forward to it!

Thermostats are one of those devices that can’t be changed though, that will always be the target temperature.
Even if you could change it, it will only be number or alarm capabilities.
Strings or enum capabilities are not a part of that (thermostat modes are a “enum” capability).

A device’s status indicator —which shows a device’s information at a glance— can now also be chosen.

Additionally, a numeric measurement (e.g. temperature, power usage etc.) can be chosen, as well as a beautiful battery indicator.

Device’s status indicator = a alarm like a contact alarm